Soul Bench (Getting MySelf Into)
Work Your Soul Off (Boutique Savior)

Time? Do we have time? What is this synthetic construct now that the earth is bleeding in the back of a Kaiser ambulance?

Do I have time? We are falling and I can't catch me.

Will I freak out before the finish line? Now where is that finish line again, Yogi?

Why am I in this predicament? Please pass the hanging fruit.

Why is less more and who is cares that I purged 67% of my father's values?

Where is the community revolution we need now? Sebastopol? = No shit!?

A green trickle is not gonna do it.

My heart is nearly broken. How can I be human and meet the challenges ahead?

If I left Oakland today I wouldn't care about the shit in the closet. Would you?

It seems that the world is a vacuum of shinny technology scrap books and broken pennies.