Planetary Signs contest entries from Member Chris Dyer 2009 (via email to Willi)

Hi Man, wassap?

SO I dont know exactly what kinds of signs you need. I will attach some stuff, hopefully it fits your concept.

Its pic of a broken car in laos being pushed by the drivers and a signs that says "stop" in Lao language.

Second is a critical mass logo, more pro bikes

Third one is a environmental style painting, maybe you can crop an area with signs.

The last is photo of my activist days, holding signs at a McD protest.

Anyways, not sure if any of this helps, not sure what your direction is.

Love n Light, Chris

Hi C

a bunch of us out here wish that you will grace our Planetary
Signs contest and upload an inspiration on the Planetshifter
homepage ...

We can can only send our crazy hopes and love your way


Willi and the Shifters