My First Time Again = Review + Poem = Echo and the Bunnymen: The Fountain
Echo and the Bunnymen: The The Fountain

Review Score: 10 / 10

"what ever you want
whatever you need
I think I need it, too"

"Do you know who I am
Do you know what I got?
Do you know who I am
Cause I know what you got!"

In the Fountain:

Lickie Ear Pulsations
Gurglings in the Pants
Eye Lashes and Luck for Love
Shakes Swishes Believe!
Bottoms UP! 2009

* * * * * * * * * * *

I wrote this poem while listening to Ian sing up the new one on the first go-around:

cartoon girl grave yard

wanna be breakin'
a new comic global girl fiend
red white and green blue scream
praying for a sacrifice 2

tired of lickin' your cartoon girl sheets
after shave smiles
coke and cola lips
vermouth straps

back to chasing match stick women
collapsed in 2 AM booths

sling me home mamma long legs
into your boysenberry petting zoo

-- billy paul