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    Welcome to the chaos age!

    Hi Willi, This is fascinating work (new theory of mythology) and I would imagine the work being done at the Schumacher Institute (UK) and by Vandana Shiva (India) would really resonate with you. Best of luck--we need these stories now more than ever!
    April Heaslip, LI

    - Marilyn Schultz Interview Questions -

    I am working on an integrated theory of new mythology that includes permaculture, environmental and sound archetypes and sound myths.

    There are multitudes of creation myths and apocalyptic groups boiling up and over from our subconscious to our consciousness. We are in a grey zone between the two, with each vision and energy and manifestation fighting the psyche.

    Does Joseph Campbell's work offer us insight into this struggle? Are there gaps and missing innovations in his canon that need to be addressed to update and make mythology vibrant again?

    How is classic mythology supporting new social initiations? Rituals?

    How do sound archetypes contribute to the initiation, journey and (community) hero from Campbell?

    Can a "Sound Myth" be a series of integrated Sound Archetypes that have a universal theme and message?

    If we can feel the power of myth from storytellers, then why not from content pulsed by sound archetypes?

    How can Permaculture break-out of its "new farming" label and manifest its community values sharing values for a new mythology?

    What is a mythic experience? It online or offline? Universal? Fiction?

    Archetypical sound is an alchemical or transmutation process, where the recombining of elements and the interactive process is more important than the product. Also examine myth in soundscapes - or how the imagination of each listener both creates and recombines a story and how the meanings evolve as each collaboration changes the forces. These fragments can be re-mixed as each new group is created.

    My understanding of sound archetypes is that an archetype resides in the subconscious and couples with a sound in the consciousness to become an archetypical sound. How do you know when you hear / feel a sound archetype?

    How do we translate or transmute sound archetypes into visual cues, messages, initiations and global meanings?

    Are sound archetypes connected to memories and new feelings?

    Can a sound archetype help to create a new language, code, or meme?

    What components in rock music utilize sound archetypes (vs. metaphors)?

    VR is prescribed; man-made. It's not about anything new. Playing a war game in a goggle is not a challenging or celebratory act. Not a community event.

    How are you using VR personally and educationally?

    "Target = Blank: A Critique of"

    Willi, you hit the nail on the head with many topics here. I am an action person. When the past complaints about dog poop in the parks and downtown came up, I suggested people go to City Hall and present it to council...I was the only one who showed up. I spoke for 3 minutes, shared community concerns, gave some suggestions and lo and behold, the council heard me and acted on it. I may be called "The Crazy Poop Lady" now, and I don't even own a dog, but my point is that some issues are best directed to those who can actually do something about them. They are good listeners. Chatting on a topic is one thing. Asking for help from those who can make it happen just makes sense.

    Well said and presented, Willi. I can not disagree with one thing. I would like to also elaborate on the most important sentence in your text: "Get out of virtual neighborhood and into real life". AMEN! Not just with Nextdoor, but everywhere. Society is turning into nameless and faceless rhetoric. Harmful. Antisocial. Sad.

    What is Nextdoor? It's a company that's beholden to it's investors with a focus on generating revenue selling ads and data. Period. Are they here to support someone's idea of a utopian society? Frankly, I don't want to see political rhetoric coming up on my feed when I come here. I get enough of that on the news and social media. When you start a post here or any other community board, all bets are off. Expect to be challenged or encounter someone with an opposite opinion, otherwise don't start a thread. We don't own this site - we're only guests. Nextdoor - their house, their rules.

    Next door is a police tool for gentrifiers from the East Bay Express in Oakland