China vs. India in the Global GreenTech Race: The Networks Interview with Qatar Green Consultant Shamik Bhattacharya
China vs. India in the Global GreenTech Race: The Networks Interview with Qatar Green Consultant Shamik Bhattacharya

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Well let's see the bigger picture. Does GREEN CHINA help all of us? The idea has to be a GREENER world for tomorrow. If ASIA has to be GREEN then it's not just CHINA but all of them. Now among front running economies China along with India should lead the show. They are giants and investor has been fairly aggressive in both the countries until now.

China has some advantages and so does India. So it depends. But technically investors feel more secure in Indian market because of true tried and tested democracy and open economy. Surely China might be ahead of the game (I don't know the facts and figures) but then it's better and bigger opportunity then to invest in India.

I believe GREEN TECH is something which will be a huge focus in the coming years and technology like CDM, Solar energy, wind energy, carbon reducing technology, Green Building will really see some sea change.

We can already see a large number of companies in USA (California) and Canada are very much ready with technologies and pretty much implemented the same in commercial and non-commercial space. I am a big believer of this technology. I belong from India and currently in Middle East - Qatar.

I am in touch with some good companies in USA/Canada who are fairly successful with their products and want to expand their business in India, China, Africa and Middle East. These companies have good product - tried and tested in their respective market but time has come when they want to go global.

We will need funds to bring this companies to Asia. Initially it will be sales/marketing office and slowly we will bring the production here due to the obvious advantage of cheap labor in Asia.

India is one of biggest market among them as Gov't is committed and focused for Renewable energy dev as per Kyoto Protocol signed.

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What alternative technology is leading the global green market? Why? -

Solar as it looks to be close to commercial production. Also both Middle East and India has ample of sunshine and wind. Further, many Indian homes don't have basic electricity. Solar tech will provide that power in much cheaper way.

Is there a concern about "cheap" labor and if this view is counter to sustainable values?

Well when it comes to mass production then you need to think about cost advantage. Lot of solar equipment companies are already feeling the heat of China...

What are the key constraints in taking a green technology into a global market?

Support from local Gov't and local awareness. Ability to see the financial benefit immediately also is a key concern for business people.

Is the Kyoto Protocol helping you go global or a barrier in some cases and countries?

Definitely if Gov't is focused then Kyoto becomes weapon. India has the focus (as it has just signed the same with USA) so time is right for investment.

What green tech is currently manufactured in Qatar? How much is imported - from where?

Middle East and Qatar is at very nascent stage and close to nil. But seems to be more promising in shorter term horizon.

Is the Middle East still oil dependent? How do governments see return on their investment in green tech.

Gov't here has to be educated and show them the benefits. Someone needs to do the groundwork.

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