Willi Paul, Bay Area Writer and Sustainability Consultant, to Appear on Progressive Radio Network on July 8, 2010. 2 - 3 PM PST
Community Currency on the Progressive Radio Network
Host: Carol Brouillet
the reservoir: rock music and mythology over a decade ago and continues to seek and creative the narratives and myths that help humanity through its own rites of passage to an Age of Sustainability, where nature and man can live in harmony.

His article and new myth, co-authored with David Metcalfe: The Leatherneck Clan and the Black Sea Men: Building a Mythology Generator for the Sustainability Age explores the current crisis in the Gulf and how it beckons new heroes, new solutions, new narratives at a critical moment when an eco-disaster of almost unimaginable proportions threatens the Gulf, our country, the oceans, the entire biosphere.

Willi Paul is a Green Business Certified Consultant and strategic vision planner, writer and program designer for environmental planning, and has been involved with civil engineering and non-profits for over 25 years. His heroic passion, wide ranging technological and creative skills, fuel his work. He has done over 210 interviews spanning the gambit of art and sustainability including Ed Begley, Jr. on grey water systems; author Eric Roston on Carbon; Steve Kilbey (The Church) on rock music and mythology; and author Dennis William Hauck from the Alchemy Guild, and has a wealth of experiences, stories, and wisdom to draw from at PlanetShifter.com.

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