"The bee cave spirits" by Willi Paul, PlanetShifter.com Magazine. New Mythology for the Sustainability Age - myth#2
"The bee cave spirits" by Willi Paul, PlanetShifter.com Magazine. New Mythology for the Sustainability Age. Myth #2

Mythology Generator for the Sustainability Age

Process steps or menu:

1. Define current event, players, short and long-term impacts, artistic, religious, ecological, political, spiritual implications
2. ID historic, literary, mythic precedents that relate to event
3. Chart all possible paths and outcomes from event
4. List universal lessons
6. Draft myth story line using new names, place(s) and symbols from world mythology
7. Check piece for universal not local or real reference(s)
8. Simplify and finalize myth

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"The bee cave spirits"

After the Great Organic War when the oil corporations fought and lost the fight for energy resources to the planet's food coops and sustainability communities, the honey bees suddenly disappeared. Few flowers were pollinated and plantation crops that needed the bees went without fruit.

All bee members from all North and South American hives flew into hiding under the fertile Kentucky soil, half a mile deep in an ancient cave - far away from the wireless and honey-less above.

Buzzing bodies and shaking wings. The Four Winds danced the bees to the conclave.

Many bees needed to be cleaned at the mouth of the cave by trained workers that recognized the pesticides on their thoraxes from home works or during the many rest stops along the way.

The queen bees perched on a high ledge in the back of the conclave together, enjoying the humming discourse all around them, a permaculture sound-vision in full bloom.

This cave is a scared vessel and has sponsored all kinds of evolution for species since the fire cracked and opened the earth back in pre-history. There are human and animal markings.

The honey makers need a super gene.

The Queens announced that a cross fertilizing would begin with some of them and some of the cleaner bees.

Feeding on the warm, filtered nutrients dripping from above, the Moon dancers loved the succession of baby bee generations, watching each herd come and go.

It took years to produce young bees with pesticide shielded genes.

The bee cave spirits are ever ready to heal the next alchemic creature that needs a soft, dark belly.

* * * * * * *

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