[ open myth source ] launches, burns; cools. The Alchemic Collaboration from Planetshifter.com Magazine and The Eyeless Owl. 09.10.10.
[The Eyeless Owl . 09.10.10.

The fires of Mythology feed on material transformed from the experiential world.

Planetshifter.com Magazine has been gathering since Earth Day 2009, and as the 2010 autumn season overtakes us it's time to strike the match.

"We are very excited to present the [open myth source] project, to grow conversations, explore and create new symbols, songs, visual art and stories; we're building a house for Myth in the Sustainability Age," says Willi.

The [open myth source] project is a place to collect, distribute and enjoy the raw materials of Mythology, and for open participation and collaboration in the building of new mythologies for the 21st century.

"This is not gardening."

Willi Paul, Founder of Planetshifter.com Magazine, and David Metcalfe, Sr. Writer for Planetshifter.com Magazine and Creative Director at The Eyeless Owl , have developed [open myth source] as a sustainable community with organic growth in mind for its development.

Post your myths at planetshifter.com and join us to discuss how creativity, mythology and sustainability go hand in hand as we move into the future.

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