"Light: A Glossary for Creative Writers." By Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com Media
"Light: A Glossary for Creative Writers." By Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com Media

Light needs a "source, calendar, scene, context, container, shield, and / or shadow; a flash light on a journey." - WOX

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Light as (1-4):

1. a symbol -purity, re-birth, cleansing, revelation. Light can also represent safety or a goal.

2. a metaphor, a progression toward the achievement of knowledge.

3. a mythic element - comet, camp fire, candles.

4. a weapon - torch or a flaming arrow.

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Speed of Light - 186,000 miles per second, or about 671 million miles per hour.

Light Spectrum - the visible spectrum is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to (can be detected by) the human eye. Electromagnetic radiation in this range of wavelengths is called visible light or simply light.

Sun Light - is a portion of the electromagnetic radiation given off by the Sun, in particular infrared, visible, and ultraviolet light. On Earth, sunlight is filtered through the Earth's atmosphere, and is obvious as daylight when the Sun is above the horizon. When the direct solar radiation is not blocked by clouds, it is experienced as sunshine, a combination of bright light and radiant heat. When it is blocked by the clouds or reflects off other objects, it is experienced as diffused light.

Photosynthesis - is a process used by plants and other organisms to convert light energy, normally from the Sun, into chemical energy that can be later released to fuel the organisms' activities.

Electric Light - the two main families of electric light are incandescent lamps, which produce light by a filament heated white-hot by electric current, and gas-discharge lamps, which produce light by an electric arc through a gas. The energy efficiency of electric lighting has increased radically since the first demonstration of arc lamps and the incandescent light bulb of the 19th century.

Shinning the Light - giving another creature empathy and security .

Seeing the Light - finding and accepting the truth.

Following the Light -to accept and embark on your next journey.

In the Light (Quaker) - at the very centre of the Quaker faith lies the concept of the Inner Light. This principle states that in every human soul there is implanted a certain element of God's own Spirit and divine energy.

Shadow - is an area where light from a light source is obstructed by an object. It occupies all of the space behind an opaque object with light in front of it. The cross section of a shadow is a two-dimensional silhouette, or reverse projection of the object blocking the light. Sunlight causes many objects to have shadows at certain times of the day. The angle of the sun, its apparent height in the sky causes a change in the length of shadows. Low-angles create longer shadows.

Light Laser - is a device that emits light through a process of optical amplification based on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation. The term "laser" originated as an acronym for "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation".

Flash of Light - A sudden spark or idea that carries great important as time goes on.

Northern Lights - the northern lights, one of several astronomical phenomena called polar lights (aurora polaris), are shafts or curtains of colored light visible on occasion in the night sky.

First Light (Morning Light) - often defined as the first sight or recognition of having made it through a challenging night.

Sundial - a device that tells the time of day by the position of the Sun. In common designs such as the horizontal sundial, the sun casts a shadow from its style onto a surface marked with lines indicating the hours of the day. The style is the time-telling edge of the gnomon, often a thin rod or a sharp, straight edge. As the sun moves across the sky, the shadow-edge aligns with different hour-lines. All sundials must be aligned with their styles parallel to the axis of the Earth's rotation to tell the correct time throughout the year.

Signal Lamp (& Morse code) - sometimes called an Aldis lamp, named after Arthur Cyril Webb Aldis who invented a widely used design) is a visual signaling device for optical communication (typically using Morse code). Modern signal lamps are a focused lamp which can produce a pulse of light. In large versions this pulse is achieved by opening and closing shutters mounted in front of the lamp, either via a manually operated pressure switch or, in later versions, automatically. With hand held lamps, a concave mirror is tilted by a trigger to focus the light into pulses.

Flare - a sudden brief burst of bright flame or light.

Starlight - is the light emitted by stars. It typically refers to visible electromagnetic radiation from stars other than the Sun observable from Earth during the nighttime although a component of starlight is observable from the Earth during the daytime. Sunlight is the term used for the Sun's starlight observed during daytime. During nighttime, albedo describes solar reflections from other Solar System objects including moonlight.

Light-drenched - an over use of sunlight or white color when photo- retouching

Light Painting - is a photographic technique in which exposures are made by moving a hand-held light source or by moving the camera. The term light painting also encompasses images lit from outside the frame with hand-held light sources.

Light Pollution - also known as photopollution or luminous pollution, is excessive, misdirected, or obtrusive artificial light. Pollution is the adding-of/added light itself, in analogy to added sound, carbon dioxide, etc. Adverse consequences are multiple; some of them may not be known yet.

High Noon - where the Sun - and the drama - are at the hottest!

Light One Up - tell us about your big idea!

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