"Prometheus EV" - "Gaia 2.0 and the Myth Coders" - New Myth #69 by Willi Paul, planetshifter.com media
"Prometheus EV" - "Gaia 2.0 and the Myth Coders" - New Myth #69 by Willi Paul, New Myth #69 by Willi Paul, planetshifter.com media

" Just before his death Joseph Campbell was interviewed by Bill Moyers and that interview was later turned into the documentary, "The Power of Myth." In this interview he postulated the idea that humanity was in need of new mythologies. Ones that were not rooted in the ancient world as all our current ones are. But myth's that would help us navigate this new and strange world we are creating."

* * * * * * *

The first Greek god was actually a goddess. She is Gaia, or Mother Earth, who created herself out of primordial chaos. From her fertile womb all life sprang, and unto Mother Earth all living things must return after their allotted span of life is over.

Gaia, as Mother Nature, personifies the entire ecosystem of Planet Earth. Mother Nature is always working to achieve and maintain harmony, wholeness and balance within the environment. Mother Nature heals, nurtures and supports all life on this planet, and ultimately all life and health depend on Her. In time, Nature heals all ills.

The way of Mother Gaia is the passive, feminine, Yin way of healing. All we need to do to regain our health is to return to the bosom of Mother Nature and live in accordance with Her laws. The Gaia archetype underlies all notions of the Nature Cure. Mother Nature is a healing goddess.

Through the global consciousness of Mother Gaia, all living things on this planet, from their most primordial instincts, are constantly interacting with their environment to ensure the harmony, balance and continuity of Life. Live in a balance with Mother Nature and health and healing are yours; violate Her laws and get out of balance, and you pay the price in suffering and disease. In this sense, all medicine and healing can be seen as a system of ecology.

Classic Greek Myth - GAIA - Mother Earth, Mother Nature Myth

* * * * * * *

(I) Characters and Sponsors

Date = 2021 AD

Myth-Tech Explorers -

Frank "Algae" Chimera, Idea + Expectation + Vision Collider.
Former bicycle designer in Silicon Valley. M.S. from at Huxley College, Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA. Parents are writers. Sister works for NASA Aims Lab. Chimera wants a Digital Ecology or Matrix of influences that sources his senses, his conscious + subconscious, and personal history

Blazer, Alchemist Wann-a-bee
Veteran of the Silicon Valley Start-up Rage in early 2015's. Coder. Worked for Caltrain on wireless tech / schedule logistics.

Sponsors - 3
Lucas Film - Creative Consultants
Pacifica Graduate Institute - Mythology Consultants
Hewlett Packard - Engineering Consultants

Location -

"The Garage" - (Innovation Lab 3 / Studio Level ) @ Hewlett Packard, Palo Alto

Project Influences -

1. John C. Lilly's isolation tank
2. "The Fly" - movie with Jeff Goldblum
3. "Contact" - movie with Jodie Foster
4. "Brainstorm" - movie with Christopher Walken, Natalie Wood
5. Video Walls
6. American Indian Sweat Lodges

Many sectors of mythology are in the Prometheus EV machine including creative mythology, creation mythology, classic mythology, new mythology, apocalyptic mythology, sound mythology, and many current mythopoeic visions.

Project Goal -

Creating new myths for a revived and sacred Gaia 2.0

(2) Technical Specifications and Other IT Visions

Prometheus EV is an integrated super browser

Wireless Helmet with Mic and Camera records myth-tech journeys, what he sees, hears and his vocal commands and voice logs. Heart rate and other bio-indicators, are monitored, too.

Cock Pit - AV Surround, 160 degree wrap around / time accelerator

Body Browser - Biosensor Suit; paint-on latex and body electrodes; monitors brain waves, vitals, etc.

Human Data Interface (HDI) - bundled in browser(s)

Myth Lab Specifications -

The Myth Lab is the foundation process that identifies artifacts and mythic imprint to code the JourneyMaker database and collaborate with Prometheus EV and staff to experience and write each journey's new myth.

(3) NewMyth Brainstorm - Pre Journey

Both humans are inside Prometheus EV -

Chimera: Well, let's get to the heart of this initiation. What I really want is to work on a process to write new myths. Here are twelve domes, a food forest and a fire pit.

Prometheus EV: Here is the site plan.

Thanks egg man. I've imagined a place in the year 2045 on the coast of Costa Rica. I pull together some artistic elements then write in some plot and a couple of characters, and maybe conflicts. So our task is to marry this initial vision, the setting, with mythic ideas. Some of these are Joseph Campbell's ideas, some of them mine. So let's just jump in.

Blazer: Okay!

Chimera: Who lives here? Who lives here in this jungle village on a remote coast of Costa Rica?

Prometheus EV: What's happening inside the domes? Why are they in a semi-circle? These are my questions I have for you humans.

Blazer: I'm thinking they want to be there.

Chimera: So what kind of values do they have?

Blazer: Soil. They love the soil.

Prometheus EV: So that's cool. We have a bunch of people living in the domes, growing food in the food forest. Interesting.

Chimera: Values here could be tangible or spiritual.

Blazer: For example, one value could be having a group dream and another value could be a personal dream. So I, because I still love individuality, want my own dreams, and to make my own paintings. But I love the idea of being part of the larger dream.

Prometheus EV: Is there any conflict between the individual and the group dream here?

Blazer: There might be, well, I guess in my life there always has been some conflict. So we need a way to resolve the conflict. And I'm not sure what that would be.

Chimera: Interesting. Well, we're getting a lot further than I thought. That's good. It seems like the individual dream may be about individual gain. And maybe there's a conflict with someone trying to one up the other tribal folks in the community. Is that a possible conflict?

Blazer: That would be a likely conflict, it's just one that I have trouble with. Gain? What? We're in domes. Somebody might want a new couch, or more canvas to paint on, or more clay to make pots with. That's my idea of gain. If you need a bank account so that you can buy more property, a bigger dome.

Chimera: No, but these people are money poor and spirit rich.

Blazer: My idea of a group dream might be, we live inland we would like a little bit of beach to go to sometimes. Now that might seem like a distant dream, and we could make it a goal, so how are we going to pull together and achieve that goal?

Prometheus EV: Nice.

Blazer: Now we might, some people might want a goal that's just right on the forest that they are living in.

Chimera: Well, I love that local idea.

Blazer: So I haven't left planet earth, but we want and will be sharing that piece of beach, but it's a place we know we could go to and we won't be kicked off or told to leave. And we're not going to find an oil spill there. So we have to, we need to -

Chimera: We have to figure out how to facilitate that.

Blazer: Yes.

Chimera: And that's the conflict. That's the big deal.

Blazer: And so if it takes -

Blazer: And you know, if it's Costa Rica did you say? I don't really, I've never been there, but I think they have plants that could be harvested sustainably to create some interesting art, maybe baskets that are more contemporary. They may not need to be functional.

Prometheus EV: Sculpture?

Blazer: It could be more sculptural and inspiring in some way. Like you could even subtly get a message across even with a basket.

Chimera: Nice.

Blazer: A message about bird life, or a message about contentment?

Chimera: I love it. I love it.

Blazer: So then we could have, I don't know how we could market these items, but we could also sell them. And so, see, for me, the conflict would be, do I want to work on the baskets for a great project for the beach? Or for my own personal inspirations? Maybe I have this idea about -

Chimera: Add the paranormal. Interesting. It's probably paranormal to go from this protected community to the beach where all the tourists are still, you know, not being sustainable. In a sense, to me, that's paranormal. You have to sort of adjust to that. Understand it. Don't bring it home. So that could be a paranormal experience. I don't know.

Blazer: Kind of remind me what paranormal is.

Chimera: It's an experience or a place in the real world that is infected or under the control of an alien power.

Blazer: Paranormal phenomena, so it's beyond explaining.

Chimera: Kind of, yeah.

Blazer: And it's a little bit -

Prometheus EV: Out there.

Blazer: Out there. It's out there because the energy, there's some other energy out there, am I right to say? It's not just a person being far-out, it's far-out energy flowing toward us.

Chimera: Yeah. That's fine. It's whatever you think it is. That's good.

Blazer: Oh, okay.

Chimera: But it has to have a certain set, a certain ambiance, a certain alt-something, not just to go into the market and selling your stuff at the beach.

Blazer: Oh, right. Yes.

Prometheus EV: There needs to be some intrigue.

Blazer: Yes. It's partly unexplained.

Chimera: Yes, it's partly unexplained. So it's just more interesting. It needs a little bit of hype, to use a bad word.

Blazer: Okay. Because we are trying to produce a community. I forgot we were trying to create a myth.

Chimera: Right on. You connect new myth with community building.

Prometheus EV: That's why I gave you the prep notes.

Blazer: Is this a fantasy? Or are you really trying to make a community?

Chimera: We're trying to actually make a myth. A new myth.

Chimera: Based on this starting vision.

Chimera: That's okay. (Chuckle) What else? Is there a universal struggle in trying to survive the post-chaos era? See? This is in large part a survivalist bent. No matter how glossy we put it, it's still about the world changing drastically, in my opinion. And we have to figure that out.

Blazer: So you, when you say changing drastically, I mean, we're responding to a negative drastic turn of events.

Prometheus EV: Drastic is negative, yeah.

Blazer: Journey, Initiation, Community.

Chimera: We could identify a hero in our iterations here. Somebody who might do extraordinary things, come back and inform us.

Chimera: Okay. That's something we could write about. Heroes, obviously I have Joseph Campbell as a mainstay.

Chimera: Okay. I mean, we're not going to the Costa Rica tonight, but we could talk about the process and the challenge of writing a new myth. That's why we showed up. That's ultimately why I'm here. Lots of symbols, the sculpture that you talked about, the fruit forest, or the domes. They're all symbols of something; shelter, community, opportunity, danger.

Blazer: Right.

Chimera: Alchemy. Lots of alchemy here. Lots of transition from one culture to the next. We don't really know who lives here, do we?

Blazer: No.

Chimera: It could be Costa Ricans, it could be Americans, Germans. Who knows? But that's something to ponder as a writer. Nature is sacred. That's one of my goals, is to return that ethic, to treat nature as sacred, not like a smokestack.

Prometheus EV: Look at a new ritual. By going to a place with new celebratory events that have that core; nature is sacred. Or human beings are sacred, right?

Blazer: Right.

Chimera: We have to engineer this new way. It's not going to happen otherwise.

Blazer: I do agree we need, what do you call them? Rituals. But I think we also would need, we have to, in our everyday life do things a little differently. Like that's not so ritual.

Chimera: That's true. Those are habits.

Blazer: Maybe it's a mindset. Maybe that mindset will come about.

Blazer: Okay.

Chimera: See, that's an example of what we're trying to get to.

Blazer: And so because we're not here in Costa Rica, they're not hunting caribou or walrus, and they're not hunting animals in Parka because they have a different climate. So we have to think of what the new thing would be.

Prometheus EV: Right. A new settlement, a new myth, a new routine, a new sacred.

Chimera: I'm telling you it's all up for grabs. And it's our survival on the line.

Blazer: I kind of would like to know what's edible that grows in Costa Rica?

Chimera: Oh, everything. It's a rainforest. You can grow everything there. Fruits, vegetables.

Blazer: I don't know about the orchids and hummingbirds.

Chimera: Nice. Right. That's good. So, I mean, in this case, the weather is beautiful, the people are friendly, and the tourists are there to sponge off of and make a couple of bucks. It's not an issue to me. That's your idea, though. I'm just -

Blazer: Oh, okay. I want them not to go back with a symbol of our belief that nature is sacred.

Chimera: What's the symbol?

Blazer: It could have a hummingbird.

Prometheus EV: Or smoothies.

Blazer: Yes. How can we present it to the tourists so they are learning something. They're learning a little bit about how nature is sacred.

Chimera: Well, we could have a basket sculpture session for a fee for the tourists. And in that case embark, impart, our values in a story setting. Right? Talk about our unusual forest alcove and what we're doing there, while the tourists build their own basket.

Blazer: Perhaps we can be guided by some of the permaculture values like Care for the Earth and Care for People? I love the principle called: "The biggest limit to abundance is creativity." The designer's imagination and skill limit productivity and diversity more than any physical limit.

Chimera: OK, Prometheus EV. Build the JourneyMaker database including media, conversations, graphics and values - and produce the New Myth-.

* * * * * * *

Prometheus EV is teaching the two explorers again!

"Here are the possible elements required to produce a New Myth:"

1. Para-normal / Spiritual
2. Universal struggle / message
3. Journey, Initiation, Hero / Community
4. Symbols
5. Alchemy
6. Nature is Sacred
7. Threat of apocalypse
8. Digital - Non-Digital Collision
9. Future-based
10. Permaculture and Transition

Algae has already tested and added The Myth Lab process into the database that includes an artifact and mythic imprinting. Myth Lab is designed as an interactive, open source and iterative experience:

1. Discover the Artifact
2. Incorporate the Artifact
3. Mythic Transmutation
4. Draft the New Myth -
5. Share the New Myth with the Community

Blazer: "This iterative process uses symbols, alchemy and archetypes for deeper meanings."

Prometheus EV defines these key terms:

"Artifact - The New Myth Artifact is a Nature-Human symbol; examples include graffiti, a bill board, a film clip, or a permaculture garden, with special (para-normal) powers and messages for both present and future.
And Mythic Imprinting - is an alchemic or distillation process with the Artifact that generates synergistic meaning for both creators and the viewer."

(4) In Journey
Algae conjured up the Myth Stimulator apparatus while back country camping in Yosemite. The dome's latex, interactive doom structure hold up the tent has been transmuted for high tech, mythic voyages. In a recent dream his ceiling came alive with images and sounds and he could touch and change the content at will.

The internal ceiling surface of the chamber is constructed of a soft, pliable fabric that implants mikes, cams or other source data that is held up by external frame like a dome tent; contiguous or seamless ceiling "cage" wrapped in an egg shape like an enlarged jet cockpit; opaque when not in use.

Chimera and Blazer have been dreaming in sleeping bags, wombed at H-P Innovation Lab 3, compiling code 24/7 and living off of brown bananas and kale smoothies. The three sponsors each have a stake in the new JourneyMaker software that aims to somehow integrate past, present and future through a new mythology lens.

Many in the Valley see this project as the most important incubator tech in recent time. Team Prometheus EV cares less about technology patients than initiating Gaia 2.

Permaculture, Transition, Nature, Alchemy, Sustainability, Electrodes?

The explorers are coding in a new language but the big catch is the inclusion of ancient sites, symbols, photos, videos, stories and myths in the project data base. Algae and his bag man are including climate change measurements, species extinction rates, industry controls on the seeds and food shelves. Brain waves, body stats and visual input recorded via skull sensors.

Mystic One meets sci-tech kid in a food forest.

* * * * * * * *

The Prometheus EV system has several operational modes:

1. Entertainment mode: replay only
2. Librarian (Collector) Mode: search, retrieve and organize data
3. Journey Mode: all inputs and exports combined
4. Edit Mode: production of finished segments
5. Broadcast / Community Mode: Screenings and webcasts
6. Compile: source code construction
Each journey utilizes multiple modes, often at the same time.

Another new IT push is the Archetype Digester, another sub-routine or application in the system that uses Jungian-based algorithms to show the user's subconscious and consciousness in symbols.

* * * * * * * *

Prometheus EV starts reading the base myth aloud while Algae ponders the illustrations.

Cortezia and the Green Apple Chamber. New Mythology for the Sustainability Age. open myth source #3 - by Willi Paul, PlanetShifter.com Magazine

The ancient granny apple orchard, all 72 scaly barked limbs and yearly scars, was snuck onto the property back in the 60's, when apple trees had equal standing next to Mary Jane and the pole beans. Green apples were baked, shined and sauced each year and could be like an eco-calendar, but not one checked on them like that.

The apples never make a fuss.

Cortezia and her friends are up on the warnings from the local permaculture coop web site about Konstanto, Inc. and their GMO business practices. Cortezia's father stopped what little corn cropping he was doing instead of messing with the "DNA Kings."

But the apple trees were still susceptible to the lawyers and black lab rats from the corp. so she needed a plan to protect the apple seed. The trees pollinated and bloomed each spring and then showered the land with tiny fragrant white pedals,- a signal that apples were coming!

There is one Mother Tree living on the land that stands taller than the rest - too big to hug completely like the others - and the one that always bears more fruit than the others.

Desperate to save the virgin seed stock and her little family orchard, Cortezia looks around the barn and house for a solution. Permaculture teaches her that people and Nature can live together. The old storm windows in the basement spark an idea in her head.

Protection against the GMO grifters for her tree and a science chamber or club house for her friends!

So she builds a protective glass shell around the old tree with the storm windows and some old barn framing. In order to allow the protective armor to "breathe" - to open and close as the Konstanto winds come and go each year - she adds multiple hinges to the window frames to give the old girl access to the good winds, birds and bugs that also need her.

"How long will the dark reign of the food gene manipulators last on Earth," she ponders?

* * * * * * *

Algae shouts out a command to the console over head:

"That Mother Tree is likely the key for today's run."

"Bring up two references to new permaculture and nature archetypes and their symbols. Juice the Digester."

Prometheus EV returns this from a lightning quick web search:

Permaculture & Nature Archetype 1: A love to preserve unique landscapes for future generations. Mistrust of greedy, short-term land and energy developers
Symbols: Tree of Life, Permaculture logo, Yosemite, Seeds, Amazon Rain Forest, US Gulf Coast

Permaculture & Nature Archetype 2: Our hope is to build sustainable systems in our local neighborhoods and towns. Fear of food and fuel shortages; fights for resources between neighbors and governments
Symbols : Crude oil on rails, GMO; Convergence and sharing expo events; neighborhood plans and new rituals

"Take a look at the subconscious to consciousness translations," said Blazer.

Chimera took the structure and feeling from the archetypes and expanded the symbol pool. The digester transmuted this data with the additional symbols and Chimera's processing report banged across the front video console of the machine. Miraculously the human and machine duo outputted the experience into one four minute video in three seconds.

Chimera e-scribbled three more permaculture & nature archetype and their symbols:

Permaculture & Nature Archetype: A deep love for freedom to own fire arms; fear of guns and killing.
Symbols: AK-47, US Flag, Scenes from mass shootings, vigils, pawn shops

Permaculture & Nature Archetype: Fear that global warming will destroy all life on Earth. Mistrust of business and goal of short-term profits
Symbols: Rising coastal tides, melting polar ice, coal fired power plants.

Permaculture & Nature Archetype: Mistrust of energy privatization and corrupt safety practices. Love of the system and blind faith in corporate responsibility
Symbols: BP, PG&E, Duke Energy

"Will this archetypical data be useful in the myth lab segment?" typed Blazer.

"Yes, of course." Prometheus EV called.

* * * * * * * *

Team Prometheus EV segways into the topic of alchemy.

"Mirrors and mud notes," smirks Blazer.

Chimera stands again inside the incubator and watches a short video called Alchemy is Transmutation is Action & Communication.

"The new alchemies are available and should be experienced as a spiritual exchange, via vision maps, even digging in the soil. I propose that the following types of alchemy are available for our use:

Imaginative Alchemy - The power of the idea and collaboration, making visions real.

Eco Alchemy - Creating and sharing new solutions for global stewardship and permaculture practices.

Shamanic Alchemy - Journeys, initiations and holistic practices with the spirit as lead by a wise healer.

Sound or Sonic Alchemy - Vibrations, natural or human made, and their power to support creation.

Digital Alchemy - Computerized images and text that create new stories, songs and myths.

Community Alchemy - in transition together, sharing best practices and as we build a permaculture future.

Earth Alchemy - Seeing the Earth and Nature as a living, evolving organism. Humans, plants and animals as one."

"We will be enjoying many revelations in this egg with these alchemies," Chimera said as he peeled the sensors, helmet and mas of wires from his tights. Alchemy will help build our future myths and illuminate truth into today's mess."

Stage Six - Share New Myth with Community

45 minutes later, in Entertainment mode, Prometheus EV summoned his human partners to enjoy the fruits of their high-tech mythic journey.

"It's tentatively called Liana's Sacred Hands:"

A liana is any of various long-stemmed, woody vines that are rooted in the soil at ground level and use trees, as well as other means of vertical support, to climb up to the canopy to get access to well-lit areas of the forest. Lianas are especially characteristic of tropical moist deciduous forests and rainforests, including temperate rainforests. Lianas can form bridges amidst the forest canopy, providing arboreal animals with paths across the forest. These bridges can protect weaker trees from strong winds.

Dolio is the Hero and journey maker for his people who reside 7 miles inland in the rain forest near Tamarindo, Province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. While most of what he knows about the west is apocalyptical, he is determined to deploy his jungle love to build additional income and a sacred union between the growing tourist trade and his extended family.

What we call "eco-alchemy" is called something else in his native language, Dolio is practicing important transmutation strategies to stay healthy and knows his part in the balancing act for a new sacred Earth.

One key idea for Dolio's community is to live and work locally, keeping costs down - using abundant resources.

Liana is a multi-variety local rain forest woody vine that grows fast and has many uses in his village including lattice structure for the dome roofs, perimeter security and large baskets to carry dirt and food. Villagers wear the bright and colorful flowers when they are in bloom.

Dolio wants to create a sustainable village and sees a way to earn money for his people and share sacred values with the tourists on the beach through basket weaving workshops. But he is shielding westerners from his village at this time for health, legal and economic concerns.

The village council has adopted a resilience creed that means that they can teach and share goods and stories between the contrasting cultures using symbols, like vine baskets and flowers. The village understands the deeper spiritual power and service of their symbols and wants to bolster their use on the coast. Like on their new workshop banner, simple symbols do not need an interpreter.

* * * * * * *

One goal is clear: we need to build new values and myths to
support new post-crash food and governance systems.

Experience, integrate, immerse, Up Cloud, extract, form, share, repeat.

WOX 2015