"Hunters and Texters"- Welcome to the New Mythology. Essay and an Interview with Scotty Wells. By Willi Paul, Mythologist, Planetshifter.com
"Hunters and Texters" - Welcome to the New Mythology. Essay and an Interview with Scotty Wells. By Willi Paul, Mythologist, Planetshifter.com

Everything in life is a relationship. Be it brother to brother, mushroom to tree, gas station to car, all things exist in mutual dependence. The most successful relationships are those that offer something of sustenance and inspiration in exchange for a similar gift. This is what a good economy looks like, where the market is based on respect, empathy and generosity. This principle is also the foundation of a good ecosystem, which in turn translates to the health of the biosphere. Good relationships are also just basic common sense. Thankfully, in this epoch when most of civilization has destroyed the very source of their food, water and energy, a group of inspirational storytellers, healers and dreamers are mounting a cultural movement to remind us that "we are all connected." - Aaron Ableman

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New Mythology by Scotty Wells

Our old mythology tells us that as our minds expanded we became aware of the knowledge of good and evil and left the garden where we had lived in the bliss of simplicity. We became aware of life's polarities and pondered our own nature for the first time. We have traveled through that duality committing all sorts of outrageous acts against one another because we had imagined that we were separate. Now humanity is awakening beyond duality to the all-inclusive whole in which we are all intrinsically included. As the collective consciousness raises its range of awareness past the illusory view of "us & them" we begin to birth a bright new world that has remembered that there is no "they" there is only us.

As we navigate our course toward a more harmonious civilization we find that our old mythology no longer expresses who we are. Naturally as we evolve, so must our myths, for they are a crucial tool in evolving the threshold of our collective consciousness. It is time to create a new mythology that expresses our potential for transcendence. The old stories of good vs. evil are overplayed, outdated and do not do us justice. They represent who we have been, rather than where we wish to go. They express an awareness limited in scope as if there were nothing more. Yet there is more! There is always more! Art imitates life and life imitates art, so we as artists must be more than clever enough to hold a mirror to our world, we must be wise enough to guide it.

Humanity has imagined an eternal struggle between good and evil.

This is not the case. It is rather a temporary stage in our development. This polarity is better termed love and fear, and the fear which we have called evil is based in illusion. It does not actually exist. We can only experience fear when we are within illusion. So the key is to see through the illusion and the fear goes with it because it was never real to begin with. In this way an individual can free themselves from suffering. As above, so below. As within, so without. As with each individual, so too with the collective. Meaning that the path of our individual development marks the same path of our collective potential. Each culture has admired its spiritual leaders as their awareness has risen to new heights. When will we have the courage to design our social system based upon our potential?

Once we make the leap to a more advanced social structure we will be nurturing each individual to reach this potential. How can we hope to raise an enlightened generation when our society is designed to imprint our youth with a false nature? Imagine if we teach the primary illusions in schools. How they develop sequentially, each attempting to justify the one before it. Need, failure, separation, insufficiency, requirement, judgement, condemnation, conditionality, superiority, ignorance. It is time for humanity to hold a higher field of awareness on earth and create a civilization that reflects who we actually are. Imagine creating a culture based upon the truth of our inherent unity rather than maintaining the illusion of our separation.

We have created a system designed around Darwin's concept of "survival of the fittest." How ironic that those who believe themselves to be the most fit have used this concept to justify their inhumane behavior toward their fellow man and nature as if there were not a higher choice. Truly the most advanced and evolved among us are those able to live harmoniously, not those who seek to dominate. When we all harmonize we more than survive, we all thrive! If a person is allowed to fully develop naturally they will arrive at a love for all life and strive to nurture its development, not dominate it simply because they can. Humanity has been engaged in this game of domination long enough.

We have become a threat to even unto ourselves as we have raped and pillaged each other and the earth to the point of creating an imbalance that has disrupted the entire ecosystem. Throughout history humanity has relied on having a common enemy in order to have reason to unite. So for lack of an external threat from space we have subconsciously become a threat to ourselves to inspire our unification. Our situation is clear: unite or self-destruct. We are now arriving at the opportunity to create a global culture. Will we wake up in time to care for our mother earth as we do our own mothers? Will we remember that everything is one whole system and learn to behave accordingly?

Everything is one. So how does one thing experience being what it is without there being something that it is not to relate to? Experience requires relationship. If everything is hot, we cannot feel being hot because everything we touch is also hot. So it is with the Source being everything that there is. The Source cannot experience being the Source without there being something that it's not. But there is one thing the Source cannot create and that is something that it is not, because it is absolutely everything. So it creates the illusion of there being something else. It creates the ability to forget who it is by entering illusion.

Only when within illusion are we able to feel fear. Fear is built into this realm as a potential so that we can experience being the love that we are. It is by choosing love in the face of fear that we actually choose to be who we ultimately always are. How else is an eternal being to gain the gift of choosing to be what it already always is? Yet we do not need to maintain the experience of fear in our direct field of awareness. Simply the ability to imagine that something other than love is possible is enough to maintain our ability to experience being the love that we are. This is why an enlightened planetary civilization is possible. Through correct education we can rule illusion and therefore fear of the face of the earth.

The New Mythology are stories of adventure in which the hero breaks free from the fight of good vs. evil. The new hero isn't fighting anymore because they know that everything is one. Instead they undertake the inner journey to transcend duality and recognize that the only true conflict is within. Our new heroes face their own fears and do not engage in illusions with others. It is a false light that fights against the darkness. True light does not fight. It simple loves, for it is love. Love does not condemn those still in illusion, it offers assistance and guidance by addressing the illusions causing their fear. Today's heroes have studied illusions and so see through them.

A master does not act upon how things appear in this illusory realm, a master acts upon what is known to be true.

No matter how you shall appear unto me I shall reflect love onto you for you are love & love is all there is-

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Interview with Scotty by Willi

Is there a place in the present age that is like the "garden" you refer to? Is this place just a fading metaphor for Mother Nature?

When we speak of the "garden" in our mythology we are referring to the garden of Eden which is a metaphor for when we lived within a simpler range of awareness before we were able to conceive of duality. Being able to question our own nature is an expansion in awareness. So eating the apple is actually symbolic of the growth in our mental ability to ask if we are inherently good or evil. What we are arriving at now collectively is to see beyond good & evil, to see that polarity is created from one source. Our challenge is to remember that we are one with this source.

You see think that the multitude of online technologies and tools are bring us any closer?

Yes. Due to the internet we're quickly approaching zero degrees of separation. Separation is illusion of course anyway. All is one. We are a Divine Dichotomy as both one & many. One Source & many Souls.

What some of the key drivers that are producing meaningful change to our collective consciousness?

People are waking up & spreading empowering messages on social media. We are all remembering who we are together. By seeing through the fear propaganda being fed to us we are able to return to our sovereignty & follow our own bliss to become activated individuals contributing to the evolution of consciousness.

Can you give us some concrete examples of this birthing "bright new world?"

Yes, there are many conscious communities which exist quite harmoniously. I grew up in the small artistic community of Mendocino California which is a great example. We have pockets of consciousness which raise conscious people who are not imprinted with the false nature that our society at large attempts to mold children into. America creates competing consumers running a treadmill to nowhere while poisoning the environment & threatening extinction. People are ready to stop fighting each other. Humanity is at the threshold of uniting as one human family.

Once we can turn our energy away from attempting to dominate each other & nature we will have peace & abundance for all. We must ensure the well-being of everyone & evolve beyond competing as winners & losers. Let's create a world that works for everyone. It's not just in small towns either. I am a part of a conscious community on the west side of Los Angeles that is full of amazingly talented people devoted to their own awakening so each can contribute to the collective awakening that is underway. We launched a spiritual center called Source a few years ago which brought many of us together. It's a challenge to navigate the old system while creating the new. It's like having one foot in each paradigm. We are building the bridge to welcome everyone across. There is a global movement well underway & we are gathering momentum. I encourage everyone to stop fighting & stand up to unite.

I have enjoyed a few discussions with folks at the Joseph Campbell Foundation concerning the definition and role Hero. My view is that the community is now the Hero, a contrarian POV. How do you see this?

This is true if the community is full of awakened hero's. The hero is the one who leaves his/her community to face new challenges and returns with a more expanded awareness of the human condition to assist in the collective development. It is possible to have a thriving community of awakened people who are living harmoniously with each other & nature. I see us evolving toward an Enlightened Interplanetary Civilization. Interdimensional even. It may be closer than most think... It is already here for some.

Please share a few of your spiritual leaders?

I admire all who have self-realized. We are all on the journey of the self. In truth there is only one self. We all face the veil of forgetfulness called the ego. We take on the ego so we can forget all that we are which is actually one awareness being filtered through many levels of creation. It's a strange thing to endeavor to explain the absolute in relative terms. The truth is words won't get us there. We must surrender all which is relative to commune with/as the one. The self is relative. It is you in relation to the idea of there being something that you are not. We cannot carry the self home to the Source because there is no relationship there. It is all one thing. The Source is both being & nonbeing, all of existence & nonexistence.

How do you measure your potential?

Our potential is enlightenment. I observe the level of my awareness at any given moment compared to the truth of my being which is enlightened. We are human so if we get triggered in relation to a reflection of us (we are all one) we must go within to return to remembrance of our communion as one. The universe is a mirror. It reflects what we put out. So if we don't like what is being reflected its time to meditate, still the mind, detach & if we choose to reengage do so with love. Love is the key it is who we are & in actuality all there is.

What are some of these primary illusions (in schools)?

The illusions of need failure & separation lead to the potential for fear. Fear is built into this realm as a potential so that love can be made experiential. There must be polarity to experience anything. The key is to remain in remembrance of who we are. Others may approach us in illusion & ask us to relate to them within certain illusions. It takes great patience & compassion to say no thank you & respond with love to offer them the way out.

Is there a connection between Capitalism and Darwin's concept of "survival of the fittest?"

The idea of the survival of the fittest being justification for the conquest of others is perfect irony because the most evolved among us are able to live in harmony. We have no interest in domination rather spend our lives at play while inspiring others to awaken & love everything as much as we do.

Talk in more detail about the historical source(s) of illusion? How does the new mythology use illusion?

Illusions become tools. Once we are aware of the illusions we do not get charmed into them. We simply say no thank you while being in appreciation for them as they have allowed us to forget who we were for a moment so that we could experience being at choice for our eternal existence. See the purpose of this realm of illusion is so that we as eternal souls can have the ability to forget who we are while in the illusions so that through the journey of our own awakening we are choosing with our own free will to return home into full awareness of who we are. In this way we experience creating who we are in the space/time continuum. Beyond this realm we always are who we are. We cannot not be. We can only forget for a brief while so that by returning to remembrance we have managed to be at choice for our own eternal existence. This is how an eternal being is able to choose to be who it already always is.

Light is a strong metaphor and symbol. Can you off us some more examples?

Love, Life, God, Source are all interchangeable words. The funny thing is what we are attempting to name with these words is actually unnamable. All language is relative. To experience communion with all we surrender all that is relative including our self. We move out of the part of our brain which thinks with words. We move beyond the holy trinity of manifestation (though ~ word ~ deed) into complete presence which is mastery.

You write: "It is time to create a new mythology that expresses our potential for transcendence." Please share 2 - 3 published stories in your New Mythology. What do these have in common?

I am a film maker, inspirational speaker & spoken word artist. I have written a children's book called Cloud 9 that will be illustrated this year. I am also currently shooting a film on bridging polarity to attain singularity.

We all have the ability to balance polarity within us & create harmonious mutually beneficial relationships. The more of us doing this the sooner we can evolve our civilization to reflect our true nature of unconditional love. Now is the time. Welcome to the New Paradigm! Love is all there is...


Scotty Wells

Willi Paul
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