"The Permaculture Convergence thru the New Mythology Lens" - The 9th Annual Northwest Permaculture Convergence and The 2nd North American Permaculture & Building Resilient Communities Convergence By Willi Paul, Mythologist, Planetshifter.com
"The Permaculture Convergence thru the New Mythology Lens" - The 9th Annual Northwest Permaculture Convergence and The 2nd North American Permaculture & Building Resilient Communities Convergence By Willi Paul, Mythologist, Planetshifter.com

Convergence Manifesto:

* Prime a creative, spirit-based community with less emphasis on technology and more support of the Spiritual

* Record and share new stories, visions and music that raise our consciousness to global heights

* Weld the event as a social accelerator, illuminating and activating permaculture and transition values

* Enjoy workshops that support our total well-being, that integrate our values with diversity

* Champion the Community as the Hero instead of the individual

* Continue to build our New Global Mythology

* * * * * * *

Definition - The Permaculture Convergence is typically a multi-day regional gathering for all ages featuring keynote speakers, presentations, workshops, spontaneous interactions, and staged entertainment. Part festival, part college teach-in, the location of the event often supports the message. The Convergence is a consciousness accelerator and new rituals and traditions can be born. (Willi Paul, 2016)

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2016 Northwest Permaculture Convergence (NWPCC) Oct 7 - 9


Theme: Building Eco Community

An inclusive annual weekend-long event that alternates between Oregon and Washington State. The Convergence brings together a remarkable diversity of people, all with creative approaches for designing living environments, and economic and culture systems that thrive within ecologically sustainable limits. Everyone who practices the ideals of Permaculture speaks a common language across the Northwest and all over the world.

NWPCC teams-up with local communities for 'Shoulder Events,' supporting our allies with tours, panel discussions, workshops, and classes. Every year, the organization offers a number of volunteer and work trade positions. Ride shares, home stays and food donations can be arranged using the website.

Long time enthusiasts and beginners alike pilgrimage from every corner of the Cascadian Bioregion which extends from coastal Alaskan Panhandle to the north, into Northern California in the south, and inland to include parts of the Yukon, Idaho, Wyoming and Western Montana.

2016 North American Permaculture Convergence & Building Resilient Communities (NAPC BRCC) Sept 14 - 18


Theme: Building Bridges

How will your workshop/presentation demonstrate or teach how to build bridges between local and global movements, between specific movements and the general public, between diverse groups of all forms, between ancient indigenous practices and digital technology, between our inner psyches and the greater world? How will your workshop open up courageous conversations between various communities, projects or concepts? Show us your Bridge!

The NAPC BRCC helps to connect and advance North American networks of permaculture practitioners. It also creates opportunities for in-person and virtual connections, sharing resources and defining the structure, function and organization of our collective groups moving forward.

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The Permaculture Convergence thru The New Mythology Lens

[ A. ] Symbology & Archetypes (see post image) -

NWPCC Symbols:
+ Nature
+ Forest
+ Flock of Birds
+ Farmstead - plants and animals
+ Uprising
Archetype: "Being in Service to Community"

NAPC BRCC Symbols:
+ Wind and Solar Technology
+ Prayer Flags
+ Sun
+ City Skyline
+ Farmstead - plants and animals
+ Rope Bridge
Archetype: "Integrating Rural and City Systems with Science and Spirit"

[ B. ] Initiation and Journey -
Both convergences are all about joining together for community education and initiation. New friends and new ideas abound. New journeys start here.

[ C. ] Song and Spirit -
As we enjoy the comradery and vibe on the dance floor, we find this same spirit in the workshops and keynotes. It is the spirit that brings us to the Convergence and propels us homeward renewed for the challenges ahead.

[ E. ] Transitions -
Convergence goers are facing enormous psychological and Nature-connected challenges. Many powerful ideas like localization and energy conservation must be interwoven with the Permaculture ethics and agenda from the Transition Movement.

[ F. ] Nature as Sacred -
Nature at this junction in our evolution can longer be seen as a commodity, a ditch or a pretty picture on the refrigerator. Whether sacred means respect to you or something deeper, the Convergence itself is a sacred a gathering of souls seeking a more harmonious way of life on Earth. It is time to explore and share this sacredness and eliminate the often heard false complaints about "the evils of religion in permaculture."

Points to Discuss at the Convergence Fire Circle -

1. How do Sustainability vs. Permaculture compare and contrast? Any advantage in merging these ideas?

2. Are we promoting hearts or egos on the stages of the Convergences? Are the experts always the same people?

3. Is the Convergence addressing capitalism? Are Convergence organizers making profit off of the community?

4. Is there too much emphasis on science and technology and too little on spiritual support?

5. What are you sharing and what are you taking?

6. Consider the Convergence as a small town. What role(s) would you play in its survival?