Louise Sanchez and the Neighborhood Resilience Team (NRT) - New Myth #88 by Mythologist Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com
Louise Sanchez and the Neighborhood Resilience Team (NRT) - New Myth #88 by Mythologist Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com

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Grey Water Collection Service -
Neighborhood Resilience Team Project Manager Louise Sanchez is making the rounds again this morning in her rust-bucket, Robin's egg blue VW bus, a converted Mercedes french fry engine smelling uptown then down. Once she leaves her space at City Hall, her community chore bag of tricks is kick-started and the ecosystem never looks back. From 8:30 to 9:45 AM she responds to water sharers texts who have grey water pick-ups. Her sink and shower to house drains converts surplus grey to garden water. She also is eager to cart away any available rain barrel over-flows.

Block Parties Online -
NRT used to meet at the Lions Club, or a few darkened church basements, or at the Library cellar. Everyone was tapped for fireworks and lectures. But in these Internet days, Louise sees more participation generated online. A wired, mega-pic garage sale is easier, as are DIY trainings, recipe shout-puts and long distance, inter-family celebrations; all are often better attended through a browser. Saving time, money and relocations, ah- resilience.

Journey into Community as Family -
Resilience requires that we now join together as one big family. The town is the new one sink bathroom. Sharing water, recess songs and recycled ship lack. Louise has her ears to the pavement, heart on the tracks. She is a connector.

Not Repair but Transformation -
On her rounds, Mz. Sanchez preaches against the pit stop and the fading emotional land-fill culture, where we have long loved to fix the broken-down, obsolete gear for short-term savings and sentiment. She is educating people for the redefined, the new resilience values where less is really more and green is your salad. A sister idea, sustainability, is also better than band aids, with it, we should support risk, diversity and evolution, not a tailing pond state. In her neighborhood, everybody gets away with fracking-up the status quo.

GardenTime as Resilience -
Neighbors follow life cycle training in human nature's endless run on seed sharing, planting, watering, harvesting, and carbon building. The resilience lessons found in Sanchez's water tanks, pot lucks and couch shares will become the new corner store rituals, dandelion celebrations and soybean pie traditions on an Earth wet for all.