"Soul Gate: Symbols and Archetypes in the Chaos Era" - Lesson Plan from Willi Paul Studio / Planetshifter.com
"Soul Gate: Symbols and Archetypes in the Chaos Era" - Lesson Plan from Willi Paul Studio / Planetshifter.com

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Contents -

Prelude - Symbols of Myth-tech from Silicon Valley


Symbol Data from 12 Organizations

- Observations


- List of Proposed Archetypes


Additional symbol and archetype resources

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Prelude -

Willi: What are some key symbols of myth-tech from Silicon Valley?

Tim Hinchliffe: These symbols appear everywhere, but they are not always recognized. We seem to have a collective amnesia that researchers like Graham Hancock and psycho-analysts like Immanuel Velikovsky speak about. This amnesia, often by way of catastrophe, has made us forget about the interconnectedness of all things. Business logos are symbols that hearken back to Babylon, and we see logos with circles, gods, pyramids, and stars, but we have forgotten where they originated. But to speak of key symbols of myth-tech from Silicon Valley, you have flying chariots in Amazon Delivery drones, and the Internet as a repository of our collective knowledge can be likened to Prometheus in his quest to bring the light of knowledge to the people -- the proverbial fire. Technology can be likened to magic talismans of myth that helps the hero in his journey of self-discovery. Developers are the modern demigods that create magic with their mysterious language of code. Entrepreneurs can be the new gods of creation as well. There are many, many symbols of myth-tech in Silicon Valley.

Source: "Selling the Myth-Tech Code" - Article and Interview: Tim Hinchliffe (Sociable.co) - by Willi Paul (Planetshifter.com)

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Introduction -

The study of values and symbols is a complex affair, even for the mythically-inclined. In this investigation, 12 large organizations (see illustration) are analyzed. Names, logos and slogans can have symbolic power. Ask yourself: does the organization practice what it's symbol preaches?
Each organization, whether for-profit or not-for profit, is scrutinized by 6 data points:

Organization, Focus, Slogan/Motto, Symbol Description, Nature Values, and Sacredness

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Symbol Data -

[ ONE ]
Organization: ADT Home Security
Focus: Security Technology
Slogan / Motto: Making sure that your family and personal stuff are secure and there is no threat to your home
Symbol Description: Pill or Shield
Nature Values: None
Materialism: High Sacredness: Low

[ TWO ]
Organization: Apple
Focus: Entertainment and Communications Technology
Slogan / Motto: Anything you can do, you can do better
Symbol Description: Partially Eaten Fruit
Nature Values: Experience Recorder Technology
Materialism: High Sacredness: Low

Organization: Dropbox
Focus: Data Storage
Slogan / Motto: Securely share, sync, and collaborate
Symbol Description: Empty. Pen Blue Box
Nature Values: None
Materialism: High Sacredness: Low

[ FOUR ]
Organization: Sierra Club
Slogan / Motto: Explore, enjoy and protect the planet
Focus: Protection of Nature
Symbol Description: Yosemite and Tree
Nature Values: High - Protection of Natural Resources
Materialism: Low Sacredness: High

[ FIVE ]
Organization: John Deere
Focus: Residential and Commercial Property Maintenance Technology
Slogan / Motto: Nothing runs like a deere
Symbol Description: Jumping Male Deer with Antlers
Nature Values: Low - Manipulation of Natural Resources
Materialism: High Sacredness: Low

[ SIX ]
Organization: Cisco Spark Depot - Webex
Focus: Business Collaboration Software
Slogan / Motto: Integrations and Bots
Symbol Description: Simple Knot or Inter-locking Circles
Nature Values: Low
Materialism: High Sacredness: Low

Organization: Monsanto
Focus: Bio Technology
Slogan / Motto: innovation collaboration speed
Symbol Description: DNA Manipulated Seedling
Nature Values: Low
Materialism: High Sacredness: Low

Organization: Microsoft
Focus: Personal and Business Software
Slogan / Motto: Be What's Next
Symbol Description: Organization Chart
Nature Values: Low
Materialism: High Sacredness: Low

[ NINE ]
Organization: Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
Focus: Protection of Nature
Slogan / Motto: The Earth's Best Defense
Symbol Description: Bear in Green Forest
Nature Values: High
Materialism: Low Sacredness: High

[ TEN ]
Organization: Shell
Focus: Oil and Gas
Slogan / Motto: Securely share, sync, and collaborate
Symbol Description: Yellow cartoon ocean shell
Nature Values: Low
Materialism: High Sacredness: Low

Organization: Lockheed Martin
Focus: Military Weaponry
Slogan / Motto: We never forget who we're working for
Symbol Description: Mobile Rocket Launcher at War
Nature Values: Low
Materialism: High Sacredness: Low

Organization: Wells Fargo
Focus: Personal and Institutional Finance
Slogan / Motto: Diversity and Inclusion
Symbol Description: Old West Stage Couch
Nature Values: Low
Materialism: High Sacredness: Low

Observations -

Symbols lie.

But how do you know?

The main psychological message resulting from the data surrounds the unending fight between the capitalists (exploiters) and the protectors (healers). Lockheed Martin, Shell, Monsanto and John Deere all rank low on sacred and high on materialism. It could be argued that often corporate America is pushing cartoon symbols, sloganeering in peaceful tones, but waging war on humans, the environment, or both. The groups fighting them score high on Nature and scared values.

This symbolic schism is important as we channel modern archetypes in the next section. When a symbol misrepresents your true mission and values, this information can be transmitted and stored in the subconscious through the conscious mind.

Negative values can create toxic symbols that contribute to negative archetypes. And corrupt mythologies.

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Archetypes -

"According to Jungian approach of psychology, some highly developed elements of the collective unconscious are called 'archetypes'. Carl Jung developed an understanding of archetypes as universal, archaic patterns and images that derive from the collective unconscious and are the psychic counterpart of instinct. They are autonomous and hidden forms which are transformed once they enter consciousness and are given particular expression by individuals and their cultures. Being unconscious, the existence of archetypes can only be deduced indirectly by examining behavior, images, art, myths, religions, or dreams. They are inherited potentials which are actualized when they enter consciousness as images or manifest in behavior on interaction with the outside world."

The concept of Archetypes has been around since at least the time of Plato, who believed that archetypal patterns were imprinted upon the soul at the time of birth, and that the soul then played out these patterns.

How do we hear or see archetypes? The messages are feelings through poems, images, and music video. Content with dynamic mystery that transmutes from the permeable boundary between the subconscious and consciousness - "the compost of the archetypes."

Today, computers and the internet accelerate global data sharing, symbolic messages and archetype translation and expression between the collective conscious and collective unconscious. Symbols can carry deeper messages and may connect us back to older messages or ferment new visions.

Apple's once bit corporate symbol could lead one to Eve's role in the Garden of Eden or the rainbow swag of the Pride movement? Do you care? How about the stage coach and the horses on the Well Fargo logo? Has this image changed your point of view on the bank's ongoing criminal activities? Do you trust the them less now?

One could argue that the 12 symbols selected for this investigation have obvious meanings at face value. Do cleaver slogans/mottos conjure up deeper meanings from the archetype pool? Or is it that some citizens have lost the ability to grasp this information while others are manipulating it? Are archetypes bound with the trademarks?

In compassion to instinct (an individual experience), archetypes come from a power source that connects us to pre-human times and beyond and be expressed through the internal dialogue of an artistic encounter or the enjoyment of Nature.

Lost or corrupt archetypes break the connection to our shared unconsciousness and ultimately to our souls. What happens when we misrepresent our symbols and archetypes and promote a corrupt consciousness?

Global chaos.

List of Proposed Archetypes (positive and negative) -

1. The ancient fight between "good and evil" is now "profit taking by a few and dwindling, polluted resources for the rest"

2. For-profit advertisers are serving-up corrupt values to clueless consumers through false narratives

3. The lack of a global climate action plan is deepening our depression and our hope for a livable future

4. Smart phones, space rockets and hybrid cars will save us (but who afford them?)

5. Christianity vs. Muslim are on the apocalypse channel

5. We can respect Nature and share the harvest surplus with permaculture values

6. People don't kill people, drones kill people

7. We are powerless to the evils of Trump

8. Screens are an extension of our brains and the Internet never lies

Questions -

(a.) Archetypes, symbols and new myths are one big ecosystem made of multiple critical feelings, values, lessons and stories. Can one corrupted symbol wreak havoc on the collective unconscious - collective consciousness? Example?

(b.) What are the values and symbol(s) in your neighborhood?

(c.) Are there really any new symbols? Archetypes?

(d.) Can you experience a story without a storyteller and an audience?

(e.) Is personal (or home) security sacred?

(f.) What are the values and symbols in Nature? In agriculture?

(g.) Who is your protector?

(h.) Do we need more sacred companies, goods and services?

(i.) The NRDC motto is "The Earth's Best Defense" - against who?

(j.) Lockheed Martin's slogan is: "We never forget who we're working for" - who is that?

(k.) How are symbols and archetypes helping to create the new mythology? Consider this stream:

values > symbols > traditions & rites > archetypes > initiation > journey > community hero > mythology > values 2.0 -

(l.) Are we justifying destroying Nature by using corrupt archetypes? Examples?

(m.) When do cultural artifacts as like symbols?

Additional symbol and archetype resources -

"Permaculture, Carl Jung and the New Archetypes" (+ PDF) by Willi Paul

"Myth Sparks and New Archetypes" - An eGroup "Text Stream" Process for Creative Collaboration by Willi Paul

"Garden of Eden 2.0 - The Permaculture Food Forest Mythic Promise" by Willi Paul

"Examples of Community Initiation, Community Tradition and Community as Hero in Northern California" by Willi Paul

"Trump the Anti-Christ" - Foreshadow by Willi Paul

"Big Bang Mythology" - "Steve Tibbetts and 7 Sound Archetypes" by Willi Paul

"Permaculture Symbols 2. A Video for Kids with Eyes of Steel and Overflowing Feet!" by Willi Paul

10 Elements of Modern Myths -

1. Sci-Fi & Para-normal experiences 2. Universal struggle and narrative 3. Journey, Initiation, Community as Hero 4. Permaculture and Transition Values and Symbols 5. Eco-Alchemy 6. Nature is Sacred 7. Threat of apocalypse 8. Artifact Initiated 9. New rituals and traditions 10. Rewilding (W. Paul, updated 2016)