"A Greenway Runs Through Broadway" - New Myth #98. By Willi Paul Studio / Planetshifter.com
"A Greenway Runs Through Broadway" - New Myth #98. By Willi Paul Studio / Planetshifter.com

"I like your plan. I'd also be interested in meeting up to help develop it and get it closer to reality. I agree we need to shake up the status quo." -- AL, Burlingame

* * * * * * *

Julie laughs: "I just walked over from Peninsula and Woodside Way."

I knew what she was thinking. Her late Mother would never walk anywhere, let alone to a grey water Permaculture demo at the Broadway Gardens and Shopping Park.

Folks are flying in from all over the planet to hang out with the artisans and butterfly catchers along the greenway. There are less cars today because people don't need them to get around. Most bike or jump-off at the adjacent Caltrain Station and stroll in.

"That fountain is powered by those solar panels up there," pointing to the shiny, repurposed roof at Walgreens. "The water in the parklet comes from the rain catchment barrel over there."

The multi-use pedestrian path from Chula Vista Ave to Capuchino Ave rolls along with in a snake-like pattern with raised flower beds benches and bike racks galore; think interpretive trail.

"This is the kids joy area." Instead of being isolated and corralled like a bad experiment like the tot lot on Primrose Ave, children and their parents are a part of the social fabric.

"I love how the planners and community integrate Nature with the shops and residents."


"The demo raises questions and teaches us at the same time."

Where does water come from?

Is the drought still on?

How can technology work for the people instead of just for the capitalists exploiting our natural systems?

The teacher has reserved the large round-a-bout space in the greenway at Laguna Ave and folks are coming from shopping stints at some of the eco-flavored shops nearby.

"Hey, I have that book," she calls!

"Me, too!"

* * * * * * *

After their rain making and collecting lecture, the duo nestles into a bench near Pilates ProWorks to admire the flowers and trees all around them.

"Wanna grab Granny and see the reggae gig Friday night?"


"Paloma Circle Stage."

"It's a benefit for the Burlingame Avenue Merchants Association."

"I will bring some canned food to barter."

"Cool beans."