"Man Cave Conversion Kit" - New Myth #108 by willi paul studio / planetshifter.com
"Man Cave Conversion Kit" - New Myth #108 by willi paul studio / planetshifter.com

"Your Dad donated his old Lazy Boy to the Campus Republican's "Raffle for Truth event?"

"Yah, he had to pay them to it take away!"

* * * * * * * *

When the prevailing winds and grins finally caught up my old man, his greasy little two stall mini-bar garage theater was no more. The Ford wagon was long gone anyway, having never really fit into his man cave dream back in the 70's, as are the titty posters, IKEA rugs and the burnt-out black lights limping down on the walls.

The Permies have Dad by the seedballs. He finally gave in to their dirt rituals and silly texts for a Neighborhood DIT ("Do It Together") Studio. The kids finally got their resilience hub with running water and WIFI. Dad then got very busy and soon forgot about the Giants, 49er's, Warrior's, Raider's and the A's.

Shovels replaced bats; bean sprouts erased PG&E calendars. The kids soon recruited other parents in their bid to grow a local life, free from cars - with sustainable thumbs and visions of placemaking, folk rock and super veggie pot lucks.

Here is what the Neighborhood DIT Studio is all about from the Berkeley flats:

+ Afterschool homework help

+ Career mentor assistance

+ Garden design & maintenance

+ Seed bank

+ Lawn conversion business

+ Grey water workshops

+ Canning and pickling classes

+ Planter stripes installs & neighborhood fence removal service

+ Errands for Seniors

+ Storytelling class

+ Sewing machines

+ Computers and IT support

+ "The Climate Changers" - Frisbee Golf Team