LAO from GreenLoc, CA - A Story for Our Youth by Willi Paul

What is your vision for the post-oil age?

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LAO from GreenLoc, CA - A Story for Our Youth by Willi Paul


cool story very discriptive imagry.

I feel the post oil age is almost upon us.
Human have the technology to get off oil.
They have for a long time.
I feel it matter of fearing the change of investment before the highest oil prices are fully en stated worldwide. That the oil investment has to be milked for all it's worth from a business stand point. despite the obvious economical (cost of war and loss of other surrounding renewable resources such as fish), as well as environmental and political repercussions, Unfortunately this is the way many investors think, they see a smaller bigger picture than the rest of us. And will be difficult to convince them to cut their losses now and make new investments before they mess everything up. In the short run (a few decades max) we will not be having much fun at all w/out oil unless investors shift the funds immediately and take monetary actions to get us off oil completely. Getting off oil now will in the long run sustain their business for possibly several hundred years rather than one or two. Companies got bailed and need to put those monies to positive use rather than already failing and unsustainable businesses.
Pls i hope everyone takes some time to look into Tesla's Inventions as well as others if you have not already.
You will be amazed at how much we have been misled about the level of technology human beings have been capable of for years and i assure you will be not so pleased about the reasons they were never implemented or fully developed. Empower ourselves with knowledge, it's worth more than money or power and can also get all some of both but most of all, happiness and belief that human beings are all capable of so many wonderful things.


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