I think there is Something Growing in my Heart.
Fall into my hypothesis for a while?

As far flung as I am already...

I'm trying to "come back" -- as Campbell wants -- and fill you all in-

"Hear I come," as the big bear shouts to Goldie Locks!!

How do we create and teach and enjoy the new green planet?

Thru new gas-less cars? Organic pears? Good Will pants?


Take out the trash.

God, we do this uncherished act way too much.

It seems to interrupt the day, right?

But composting is way different. Ask your kid.

Recycling, its so-green precursor, is now a cool game, a prized act of reverence for the Earth,- a prayer for Peace.

Ah, composting?! This is an act of helping reduce waste and grow new foods and flowers!

Back to the hypothesis!

Review the five stages to "mythic story"... I'm the dart board.

What's in your box?

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