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Willi Paul Studio, a Socially Responsible Media Partner, Launches on LinkedIn.com

About Willi Paul Studio
As Principal of Willi Paul Studio, Mr. Paul partners with companies and individuals to provide custom contract media services including articles, interviews, edu-videos, roundtables and eWorkshop. He co-develops and expands each clients’ creative vision and excels in delivering content in a captivating and authentic way. His target clients are Start-Ups, B-Corps, Incubators and Non-Profit Organizations.

About Willi Paul
As a globally-connected writer and activist in the Sustainability, Permaculture, Transition, SpiritNature, and New Mythology sectors, Mr. Paul is an accomplished writer and integrator. Willi is a leader in the new global mythology movement. Please find him on Facebook, LinkedIn and DPA.com.

In 1996 Mr. Paul was instrumental in the design of the emerging online community space in his Master’s Thesis: “The Electronic Charrette..” He was active in many small town design visits with the Minnesota Design Team. Willi earned his permaculture design certification in August 2011 at the Urban Permaculture Institute, SF.

About Willi’s Blog
Planetshifter.com is an online community magazine, diverse database and outreach network that launched on Earth Day 2009. Planetshifter.com provides a deep database and wealth of information that includes 225 thought leader interviews with leading mythologists, permaculturists and artists, 2420 articles, 92 New Myths, 33 eBooks and 157 videos.

Selected Content from the Studio’s portfolio:

"Pathways to Community Resilience"
eBook #23. Dedicated to the 2015 NorCal Permaculture Convergence

Sacred Trees and Refuges”
Interview with Rachel S. McCoppin, Author of The Lessons of Nature in Mythology

New Myth / Story
"The Remembering Chair" - New Myth #68

Re-Sourcing Community Resilience
“Integrating Permaculture, Transition, SpiritNature and Mythology.”
Video and Transcript from 2016 NW Permaculture Convergence Workshop:
“Tearing Down the Silos” by Willi Paul and Friends.

Instructional Video
Sacred Alchemy & Symbols for the Permaculture Transition

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Willi Paul Studio
Mr. Paul’s LinkedIn Profile
willipaul1 at gmail.com 415-407-4688

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