Sacred in Participation: Seek, Reflect, Share, Act, Evaluate (SRSAE) by Willi Paul
Sacred in Participation: Seek, Reflect, Share, Act, Evaluate (SRSAE) by Willi Paul

As a both a primal and future seeking process, Sacred is interconnectedness and communication with others on Earth, not habitual worshiping of an unseen force "above." Sacred is a proactive universal search for knowledge and spiritual experience on Earth. Humans are the glue, scribes and story tellers of all that is Sacred. For humans, Sacred is pre-wired and healthy but rapidly fraying in our hearts and minds.

If Sacred is our energy, how can we tap into, and revive it? Is Sacred part of the promise and power to find solutions in creative and troubled times?

Seek, Reflect, Share, Act, Evaluate

We need to ground the idea of Sacred in every day terms and make it accessible and practical. We need to transform a planet bent to build new nuclear power plants and plastic toys. We can never accept light beer and corrupt politics be seen as Sacred.

Sacred is first a seeking. Identifying a question or need then reflecting on illuminating resources - often with the support of others. Sharing concerns and solutions is next. Making a plan and a setting out on a journey. Finally we evaluate the experience of the Sacred and chronicle it.

Four Experiences of Sacred

  • U2 - Bullet the Blue Sky Live:

    Why do we go to see a show? Certainly we seek a shared experience, fun and messages from the band. Music alchemy, political instruction? A release? Of what?

    "In the locust wind comes a rattle and hum, Jacob wrestled the angel
    And the angel was overcome, You plant a demon seed
    You raise a flower of fire, See them burning crosses
    See the flames higher and higher -"
  • Redwood Pilgrimage, by Bill Pratt:

    Nature is an often cited source of Sacred. Do you feel connected to a broader landscape here? I see that there are common elements in each of our interpretations of Nature.
  • Moon Phases:

    The Moon has helped to spawn many emotions and mythologies across cultures ever since humans had the luxury of looking up. As a reflection of our own changes and yearnings, is the Moon Sacred to you?
  • Sacred in Practice - Jackson Pollock:

    Pollock was a transmitter. A connector and paint stick scribe that pulled us along with him on his Sacred path. A collaborative journey when the paint dried. Watch the video and see if the journey comes alive?

    "Because the painting has a life of its own, I kind of let it live." JP

    Again and again! What is Sacred? We often know what is not sacred faster than what is! And the issue of how sacred is created and transmitted thru the Internet is another path to debate. How is the Earth sacred? The green teacher, the living experiment? The Continuity? A portal to awareness that we are all One?

    Can we celebrate Sacred online?

    Can we build new Sacred experiences together (to save our soul!)?

    Seek, Reflect, Share, Act, Evaluate.