Rabbit Holes and the Magic Ring of Myth: The PlanetShifter.com EarthDay 2010 Event Circle Interview with Cosmologist Rohaan Solare
    Rabbit Holes and the Magic Ring of Myth: The PlanetShifter.com EarthDay 2010 Event Circle Interview with Cosmologist Rohaan Solare

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    Please Play Soundtrack Now- Ghost of a Chance, Rush

    I don't believe in destiny
    Or the guiding hand of fate
    I don't believe in forever
    Or love as a mystical state
    I don't believe in the stars or the planets
    Or angels watching from above
    But I believe there's a ghost of a chance we can find someone to love
    And make it last...

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    The collective unconscious? Hmm! Please actionize this for the average 12th Grader.

    The collective unconscious may be likened to the internet together with all of the repositories of information and computers it is connected to.

    The famed psychologist Carl G. Jung coined the term to describe what he thought must exist "in the ethers" in order to support what his learning and experience was revealing to him about the nature of psyche, consciousness and memory. Each one of us has the capacity to consciously access this realm, but only under very particular circumstances. Basically anything or any technique that can induce a trance state enables access. Certain individuals such as psychics are able to access the collective unconscious almost at will In theory, the collective unconscious is not only a storehouse of all human experience, but also of non-human experience and we may access the past as well as the future.

    "The mythologist Joseph Campbell discovered that many of humanity's great myths share the thematic content and common patterns of development."

    What are the most important thematic content and common patterns of development in the Sustainability Age?

    Call it what we may, but humanity is at a crossroads of sorts and all indicators point toward great social change. There have been social revolutions in the past, but humanity is now poised for planetary scaled changes. The principle theme of our life time has been and will continue to be transition from the personal to the planetary level. The old ways are not sustainable and much less desirable. I believe our quest is an eco-friendly planetary culture and we are midwives to its birth.

    How do fear and extinction impact our spirit and our ability to create new stories, symbols and myths?

    Fear will suppress some and challenge others to rise above. Perhaps our worst handicap is that we have long forgotten mythos. I would say that the only real novelty we need add to our stories, symbols and myths is that they encompass humanity and be planetary in scope. Universal patterns and sequence of development are timeless, but we must now allow for new costumes and masks.

    How is Earth Day a new mythology?

    It's the beginning of Campbell's Planetary Mythos. We are recognizing that there are limits and that we are a single family.

    Do you think that stories are language constrained / specific; are myths?

    I do not think that the essential and central monomyth is language constrained. Life in one regard is very simple. Modern life and the goal of some groups to intentionally mislead has complicated life and I find that to be the largest road block to the social coherence afforded by myths. The biggest constraint I see is ego-enthocentrism and the yet to be accounted for cultural dynamic of enculturation.

    Has Christianity created a "torn" psyche" in its followers has many struggle with the values in ecology vs. the historic guidance and principles in Abrahamism?

    I understand a worldview as a reflection of the internal state of the story teller and the Judeo-Christian story reveals a tortured and torn psyche. Insult is heaped on injury when our political leaders wave the wand of The Cross in order to orchestrate political agendas.

    "A holographic universe presumes an underlying order capable of relating everything to everything else and a system to account for what has been, what is and what will be."

    Are you supporting a type of manifest destiny or pre-determinism for homo sapiens? Fate, for all of Earth?

    There is a fair amount of scientific evidence and good arguments for a deterministic universe. Ideas of fate and destiny are ancient and widespread. I believe it is one of the essential questions that we all struggle with. Thus far I do sense and believe that we are all following a script.

    How does rock music influence the creation of myth?

    Hmm.... I would have to say that it ranges from the negligible to counter-productive.

    Why are alternative nature-based or green religions rising up?

    I would say that the strength of any insurrection would be a measure of felt oppression. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

    Please give us a few hot green prophesies.

    How about some hot green organic peppers instead. Prophecy as I have come to understand it is knowledge of the systematic and cyclical nature of life's themes and patterns of development. I take my clues from the Maya-Meso-American Calendrical System (MMAC), aka the much maligned and misunderstood "Mayan Calendar." When properly understood, MMAC is a measure of cycles and the study of the thematic content associated with each cycle and cycle phase. Presently we are completing a Maya processional cycle of 26,000 tun (25,626 years). In a Maya processional cycle each "season" is 6500 tun (6407) years

    December 21, 2012 is the end of a "winter season" and it signals the the start of a new "Great Year." We will have reached a galactic solstice of sorts and the trend at least symbolically is towards the emergence of spring. We hear the phrase "Mayan prophecies" yet none exist. The ancient Maya did not leave anything we could construe as prophetic text. We found a stone monument with a date and there is a mural depicting the symbolic birth of a new precessional cycle but that's it.

    The emergence of new socio-cultural trends are evident and their growth is being fueled by development of the planetary brain---the internet. The promise of an interconnected populace bodes tremendous possibilities for humanity.

    Is TV killing myth?

    Indeed.... perhaps the greatest hazard to the individual and hence society is the shallow and degenerate content thrust at developing minds. Huge swaths of the population have become addicted to autonomic dopamine discharges. The mainstream media story tell us that our highest glory lies with overindulgence and material acquisition. We have before us the results of such a story.

    Instinct vs. Soul. Which one will transform us in this present global crisis? Why?

    I believe that in a idealized state they work in tandem. Survival issues provide motivation for the least aware and I do believe that the critical mass needed to guide those awakening at the last moments are present and at the ready. Billions yearn for less strife and more cooperation. The question is can those billions coordinate their yearnings into a force capable to altering the dominant cultural mode? Soul yearning in the end is what has compelled the critical mass to break out of instinctual patterns and that is where the discoveries are made and the treasures are found. Novelty enters the spirit of those on the hero's journey and they make their way back to deliver their boon.

    To me, your writing is akin to a new open human code for inspecting and advancing cultural. Fair? What are your professional goals?

    Yes that's a fair description. And you ask a good question. My writing venture is new terrain for me. The art and science of Maya-Meso American calendrics (MMAC) bodes enormous possibilities for the future of humankind. Now let me translate "calendrics" into the Art and Science of Synchronicity and human relationship dynamics and you can understand why I believe it holds so much promise. Every human domain is affected by what the ancient Meso-Americans discovered about nature. My goal is to create a research and educational institute centered around the dissemination and application of the Art and Science of Synchronicity as based upon my understanding of MMAC.

    Can we create a "critical mass dream" so our individual dreams can combine and move us?

    The collective dream is taking shape right before our eyes. We've been on auto-pilot for our entire evolutionary period and we are now being forced to wake up and assume a conscious evolution. Our present mission is to recognize that we are undergoing a self-organizing process that now necessitates that we become conscious and responsible our actions-inactions and their consequences. Emerging cultural trends need a banner (mythos) under which to band together. Campbell gave us the biggest clue. We need a planetary scaled mythos pronto.

    "Who invented circadian cycles?"

    Circadian cycles are life's response to the day-night cycle.

    "The Tzolkin Code alerts us to the thematic script we are all following and provides us with the full set of instructions permitting us to see just how interconnected and synchronized everything is."Tell us about your work on the Tzolkin Code.

    My work involves showing how Tzolkin Science relates to Western science and in particular to the physics and chemistry branches. Thus far I have shown how the Tzolkin Code shares a one to one relationship with the genetic code. I have also shown how the numbers underpinning the Tzolkin code manifest themselves from the sub-atomic realm of quarks to stars and the code of life itself.

    I've done 3 three studies linking pronounced seismic, volcanic and solar activity with certain key Tzolkin cycle days.

    I am developing learning modules so the layperson can use Tzolkin knowledge to enrich their day to day lives in a number of ways. I have plans to take the knowledge to organizations and research institutions. Any and all research institutions must be aware of the cycles and how the different cycle phases will affect their research and test results. I am just blowing some dust off the surface at present. I am convinced that the Tzolkin Cycle represents one of the greatest discoveries of all time and bear in mind that it was discovered over 3000 years ago. Needless to say a few lifetimes of work will be needed to fully explore and develop the potential inherent in this magnificent body of knowledge.

    Many are talking about a major collapse in the world economy and a catastrophic period of anger and hunger. Do you see this near-term scenario? In not, what is your perception of the next 2-5 years on the planet?

    We go through these shake ups every time the sun reaches the most active period of its 11 year cycle. The question is is how intense will the shake up be? Thus far it has already broken records...."the worst depression since the Great depression"--- and sun just started waking up 6 months ago. Solar activity is expected to peak in late 2012 to early 2013. Meaning we "ain't seen nothing yet." We are seeing the prevailing culture falter and the emerging culture surge. As put I put it, the catastrophe is upon us and it's called Western civilization 1.0 gasping for air as it strives to maintain the status quo at all costs. 2012 is fabled as some sort of turning point. Will it be the turning point so many of us are wanting? I say may everyone do their part to make it so sooner than later.

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