I will re-invent television with you.
I will re-invent television with you.

"Hello! How are you?!" It's my Orange County Green Interior Designer friend Lorraine Francis on the cell. She is exploring a new media network with colleagues in LA. "Something about green?" Yes, but where to find inspiring content?

That's when my alchemic hinge sprang out!

We create the programming ourselves and pass it round. We are Network 1. The Johnson's next door are Network 2. We are the content now. New nature media. We frame, narrate, splice and pass around the iPhone so the garden is in seasonal installments and we become the guy on the roof tinkering with the solar view.

New TV is about this:
  • instructional but not clique and not preachy
  • Learning for the long-term, - perennials please
  • Life changing and affirming
  • Local, very local right down to the dirt patch by the garage
  • Value challenging not fighting
  • Access to what we know and what we need
  • Something real. From our hands; about family, friends -- and for the neighborhood

Um. There are no commercials. No violence. And maybe we take better care of our souls?

We can capture our kids and their hopes in the garden. It's about the stories and myths in our every day lives. DailyActs.org in Petaluma is a reservoir for the permaculture course ahead: the new tech-nature-interface. I also recommend greensangha.org as a "TV Guide":

"Integrity - As spiritual activists, we stand together in our commitment to be that which we are trying to bring about in the world: peace and love."