Who has the keys to the mythological reservoir? Commentary by Willi Paul, PlanetShifter.com Magazine
Who has the keys to the mythological reservoir? Commentary by Willi Paul, PlanetShifter.com Magazine

As wars and natural disasters fragment people away from Nature, sustainability is awash in corporate slogans and lies with little hope for green solutions. Rather than be a part of the mythic machine, self-serving resource gulping companies are dumbing-down and short-circuiting our consciousness and spiritual; collaboration across the globe is reduced to a hidden balance sheet .

Our morals and every day values are dirty with self-interest, with military agendas, oil caked beaches. We are a people of reaction, tireless excuses and mental litter. As the speed and redundancy of Twitter and CNN minds bomb us into commercials daily, our attention span is falling into "zero awareness." Myth in this social pollution cannot breathe, excite and deliver the challenge to comfort or change.

Powerful myths are connectors, shared fights and realities, common solutions to the Big Challenges. Myths are also road maps or clues (examples) for the seekers and visionaries. Pieces of the next puzzle that cannot be solved in one hour segments.

Strategic elements, issues, themes, stories- we need to find the seeds of the new myths before planting them. This journey is precisely what Campbell advocated and is the grunt work that we cannot afford to shun. It is dangerous to decry a Hero before the sweat is spilled and the information tested.

There is no mythology without alchemy. As our consciousness is raised and the elements connected, transformation is possible. Alchemy can be mediated, voice activated, and Nature-fueled. It is love in action, the glue that makes myth universal.

Do we know the power of myth; in the new myths that we can create together?

What are some examples of work that supports the mythic process?
Avatar. Jackson Browne. Keith Haring. John Muir.

What are some things that are killing myth?
The PR industry. Pro Wrestling. New Age Music. Religious dogma.

Myths are our hearts turned inside out. Our shared blood is the path to a better global way.

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