Honey, It's that Intuitive Shamanic Wizard Guy Again! Interview with Geoffrey Rosenberg by Willi Paul. Co-Presented by PlanetShifter.com Magazine & openmythsource.com
Honey, It's that Intuitive Shamanic Wizard Guy Again! Interview with Geoffrey Rosenberg by Willi Paul. Co-Presented by PlanetShifter.com Magazine & planetshifter.com

"Why doesn't everyone have the natural inclination of service to others? I think its because the desire to be of service to others comes from the heart. We have been conditioned by the old paradigm programing to function through the intellect/ego which is oriented to service to self. I am not talking here about the religion inspired dogma of self sacrifice. All religions are intellect/ego based. They are designed and managed by folks who are in service to self whether or not they consciously recognize that. They benefit by keeping others under their control. Self sacrifice is not service to others because it is not win win.

True service to others is a win win proposition. In providing service to others, you are creating and delivering value and in the abundant universe in which we live, you always receive more energy than you deliver. So you never need to make sacrifices to serve others. Quite often while attempting to operate in the old paradigm, even if the desire to be of service to others exists in your consciousness, how to do this was a problem because if you were making decisions based on your intellect/ego, it often was not clear what those actions would serve. The case in point is doing something to make money. Money energy (abundance) is the affect of creating and delivering value to others. Paper dollars are not money energy. They don't have real value and that is why you see world economies collapsing."

- The old paradigm operating systems are collapsing. Embrace the New Paradigm Consciousness Shift

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Interview with Geoffrey by Willi

How does one get in touch with the spiritual planetary consciousness?

Make a statement to your Higher Self and ask to be shown how to get in touch with the Spiritual Planetary consciousness. Your Higher Self will guide you to the opportunities that are appropriate to making this contact. These would be opportunities like a book which will have the appropriate information, or a person to help you, or a direct line in your head to Mom Earth. Your method of contact and your success at making contact may have a lot to do with your reason for making contact.

What experiences have you had with light body sound healing?

Since 1987 I have been consciously, and actively using vocal sound as a catalyst to refining, balancing, aligning, and generally raising light body frequencies. At subtle levels light and sound are basically the same. I had been been creating tapestries from about 1974 up to 1987, which when viewed, often produced subtle physiological and especially emotional changes within the viewer. To me the tapestries were light and hence sound. Around 1984 as I experienced people reacting to the tapestries, I began to remember how to make adjustments in their light bodies to bring them to a place of lets say energetic homeostasis. Starting in 1987, vocal sound was added to my Shamanic tool box. I see Shamanism as achieving altered states and performing actions from that state, which have an effect on one's "base or normal" state.

DNA activation. Sounds like a late night TV blare. Help?!

DNA is the "machine or computer" through which we all create our reality. On a gross physical level it is composed of 4 nucleic acids which join to form codes that instruct other chemicals what to do to form our bodies. DNA like all manifest creation is light. So the codes or information in DNA is carried by light. There are many codes within the DNA that are dormant. They are not in use. These dormant codes can be activated through the application of sound or in essence light. As we move into closer alignment with the galactic core, we are encountering Higher Frequency Light which carries coded information. This Higher Frequency Light is activating dormant DNA. It is also providing a whole new operating system and new programs for that system.

What is heart space?

In the same way that it seems that we think from the space in the head associated with the brain, there is a space associated with the heart that we can think, experience, and initiate action from. In the past we have been pretty much programed to act from the brain or intellect. With the new consciousness programing, we will be acting from the heart. Intellect based programs will no longer be operative in this new consciousness paradigm.

Can you list some of the key parameters in a consciousness shift?

There is only one parameter and that is frequency. The shift in consciousness is an increase in the frequency of light that one is embodying. Because a higher frequency encompasses lower frequencies, but lower frequencies do not encompass higher ones, if you are resonating at a lower frequency, you have no way to recognize the higher frequency qualities. As an example, if you exist in two dimensions, length and width, you have no way to recognize height. So a sphere to you would always look like a circle. As you started to be able to move into the realm of height, you would begin to see circles of different width or size, but you would not "grock" a sphere until you were fully functional in height.

Where does "the baggage" come from?

I have not acquired any new baggage since '93 but if I were to go get some now, the baggage in my current price range would probably come from China. Many people are carrying around "baggage" or effects of traumatic situations that leave old programing in the light bodies. These programs or "baggage" must be let go of in order to embody the new consciousness programs. Some of this baggage is attached with handcuffs or plastic ties and requires the application of a key or pair of scissors to separate the bag from the individual.

Where does a wand come from?

If you are a Cone Head (Saturday Night Live Characters), you probably got yours in France. If you were fortunate enough to know me between '89 and '93, I might have provided you with a wand. I first experienced what was to become a wand, as energy grids and frequencies, associated with particular stones and copper wire formed geometries which I managed to assemble and manifest in the form of what I call a wand.

What does one do with a wand?

One accesses various frequencies depending on what frequencies have been embodied into the wand. These frequencies are a catalyst to aid the process of transformation into the personal embodiment Of Higher Frequency Light. As an example, we all went through a "download" of Higher Frequency Light codes in December, and now are integrating these codes. I provided a picture of a wand (you can access the energies through the picture) on my website, whose energies can help to ease some of the uncomfortable symptoms related to this integration for some people. I have created wands that resulted in a conduit for some people to effect communication with Extraterrestrial sources.

Is sustainability inherently innovative?

Yes! Problems can't be solved on the level of the problem. We can't solve the problem of the disaster of carbon based energy sources on the level of those sources. Coal will never be clean. There will always be drawbacks to mining and burning coal. Innovation is required to create an energy source that doesn't require destruction of resources to acquire it, or combusting it in any way to use it. When this source does materialize we have to have innovative economic and social relationships which support implementing the use of this energy source. Because we are in transition to this outcome, some folks are experimenting with other ways to use alternate combustibles for energy and implementing other conservation practices like local consumption and developing groups that are working together to weather the transition. This all takes innovation and some of these transition activities may not be what happens in the end but are the stepping stones to the end result. So it is valuable to lay these stones if that is what your role is. Finding out what to do goes back to asking your Higher Self what to do, and is a source of innovation.

Do have first-hand knowledge of beings from outside of the Earth?

That is a loaded question. My body is loaded with a being from outside the earth. So is yours by the way. And the body of my ancestors was created by beings from outside Earth. Did I ever shake hands with a being whose body was created outside of the Earth? Probably, but I'm not, as of the time of this writing, consciously aware of it.

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