Permaculture 2012: Four Problems in Need of Integrated Solutions. Willi Paul,
Permaculture 2012: Four Problems in Need of Integrated Solutions. Willi Paul,

Problem 1: No job programs from classes and trainings
One consistent global concern for the permaculture movement is the lack of paying work. Using volunteers is not unsustainable. Are there any transitional paths to employment programs for your trainings? Are there any job stats to share?

Solution 1: Schools, private organizations and solo instructors must lead the way to create a minimum wage opportunity for their graduates. This is a huge disconnect for hundreds of PDC grads without means to practice or even survive in their localities. One could even ask the elites themselves to lead this strategic plan.


Problem 2: Need for Integration & Support of Transition, Permaculture & Occupy

Solution 2: Consider the following ideas:

1. Permaculture could benefit from Occupy's aggressive campaigning tactics
2. Permaculture can teach design with Nature strategies to transition & Occupy
3. Transition can teach Permaculture & Occupy how to vision and build local community
4. Transition can teach Permaculture & Occupy about energy saving tools and strategies
5. Permaculture could help build an Occupy camp
6. As we support each other, rapid growth and change is possible as are new stories, rituals and heroes.


Problem 3: Lack of promotion & celebration especially in the "old" business sector
Ironically schools, private organizations and solo instructors are great at self-promotion!

Solution 3: We need to better utilize the existing business channels to make the permaculture case, including the chamber of commerce, the service clubs (i.e. Lions, Elks) and the local churches. There are demo sites on corporate lands and desperately needed partnerships just around the corner.


Problem 4: The endless Love Hate Permaculture Relationship with things Spiritual

"Hi Willi. I do not teach meta physics and the unproven sciences. I leave spirituality to everyone's own choice. This is a conversation I do not want to have." Geoff Lawton

"I am concerned that you would not approve of my thoroughly Bible-based worldview." Natasha Turner


Solution 4: Left unsolved, this issue will likely destroy the permaculture movement. Let's create a set of global symbols and rituals, stories,- that we can all celebrate together. Find a middle ground before we fragmentize.