Calling the Seeds. 19 Interviews with Women in Permaculture and Transition: 2010 – 2012, A Source Directory. Willi Paul, Magazine


Calling the Seeds
19 Interviews with Women in Permaculture and Transition:
2010 – 2012
A Source Directory
Willi Paul, Magazine Calling the Seeds and explore ..................

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Soul Ecologist Catherine Walker, Sonoma, CA

Elizabeth Slate, Founder of The Alchemical Nursery, Syracuse, NY

Author Rachel Kaplan

K.Ruby Blume - The Institute of Urban Homesteading

Maddy Harland, Editorial Director - Permaculture Magazine

Starhawk: Community Permaculture and the Sacred Seeds

Lisa M. Fernandes,

Author, Healer Alanna Moore,

Geomancy: Sabine Engelhardt Zagreb, Croatia

Raven Gray, Transitions US, NorCal

Dayna Baumeister, Ph.D. -

“I am Turtle Woman.” Permaculturist Jeanette Acosta

Seeds & Ladders. Permaculture Designer Jenny Pell, Pacific Northwest

TimeBank & Trust: Mira Luna

New Soil-Economist. Charlotte Anthony, Victory Gardens for All, Eugene

Transition Albany (CA) Leader, Catherine Sutton

Big Green Lies: Transition Career Options with Santa Barbara Eco-therapist Linda Buzzell

Judith Katz, The Connection Action Project

In the Spirit of Lewis & Clark. Andrea Laliberte,

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