Neighborhood Mythology Program - A Curriculum Vision by Willi Paul
"Neighborhood Mythology Program" - A Curriculum Vision by Willi Paul

Curriculum Outline

5 Point Introduction -

Multi-month, shared journey into self with neighbors

Build a Mentor program that creates new teachers with seniors as practitioners

Integration of all kids and their families and parents in a structured Initiation process

"Scale Up": Start small, local, and build up, connect the network thru shared experiences and new myths

Transition from the old system to the new system

5 Learning Modes -

Experiential Learning



Risk Taking


5 Themes -

1. resilience and mythology
2. new rituals
3. new alchemy / archetypes
4. new symbols
5. initiations, journey & community Heroes

5 Activities @ 5 Neighborhood Venues -

Creative Collaborations @ Coffee House
Nature /Spirit & Permaculture @ Food Forest
Transition Incubator @ Neighborhood Center
Sharing & Celebrations @ Fire Ring
Myth Lab @ Old Church: artifacts, old myths and new myths

5 Desired Outcomes -

Transition Movement: Awareness and Building
Revitalized Power of Old Mythology
Enhanced neighborhood and community trust
Improved Writing, Illustration and Storytelling Skills
Spreading Permaculture and Transition Values