"The Adventures of Permaculture Willi 4: The Big Seed Incubator" - New Myth #86 by Mythologist Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com
" The Adventures of Permaculture Willi 4: The Big Seed Incubator" - New Myth #86 by Mythologist Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com

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" The Adventures of Permaculture Willi 4: The Big Seed Incubator" - New Myth #86. Please see the site map provided.

On Sundays, "P - Willi" works the retail sales counter and cash register in the Transition Center as a part of her internship for the Coop. The Big Seed Incubator is doing magic for young teens like her and her friends. By cross-fertilizing job training, room and board, medical benefits and paying work, the Oakland "black soil and grey water" hub is a growing vision that integrates permaculture ethics with the localizing processes in Transition and a renewed spirit of sustainability and Nature.

"Yes, Ma'am, that's our sweet golden honey, alright!" boasted P-Willi. "I flew with the bees myself!"

"Have a look at the fresh, organic greens from our Food Forests. Our on-site grown and harvested fish is in the cooler." Turns out that this family is staying in the Big Seed Bed & Breakfast.

"How was the band last light?"

"Nice slow jazzy stuff." Someone called out by the hemp tees. Music and community education often merge on the B+B stage these days. "I'll take this olive oil and a bottle of your Incubator Syrah 2015, please."

* * * * * * *

The Transition Center is a mini-incubator of sorts for the roughly 102 live-in residents and city dwelling staffers. Besides the retail and data center, the hiring and the credit/barter systems are run here. If you need to transform something from the old world to the new world, it happens here. The Administration building is thus free to reach out for green business deals and to operate the campus security system.

"Multi-use is a Mantra that all Bigs wear. Take the incubator, it is part mess hall, part classroom and part presentation space, depending on who needs it. It is our 24/7 share."

* * * * * * *

Louie shows up.

"We made some kick-ass salad dressings in Prod this morning from the herbs in the Peace Garden!" he shouted. "These will sell out so call your Mom quick!"

"Can't wait, buddo." P-Willi's afternoon will not be all skate board magic dust and sun tea, however.

"My next dig is at Soil Building churning up the worms with the house compost." She called out but Louie was off and rolling.

* * * * * * *

"Yes, Sir, the first 50 lbs. of our enriched soil is free with your own container."

"Isn't this whole place,- like a green house?" asked a new customer?

"Yes!" P was ready for this metaphor!

"We are a spirit-driven, plant lovin' people!" It says on the community kiosk. "Like a green house, natural sources and product flow through the space; wastes are re-recycled and our people and Nature are one. We are an Urban ecosystem."

"We help each other up and empower folks that come here to 'live in the future.' Foster kids, seniors, drop-outs are all most welcome at the Friday night Fire Circle and new member tour." Explained P-Willi.