"Seeds Compost Water Songs" - Share the Spirit at the 2016 North American Permaculture and Building Resilient Communities Convergence. Hopland, CA Sept 14-18 at the Solar Living Institute. PR by Planetshifter.com
"Seeds Compost Water Songs" - Share the Spirit at the 2016 North American Permaculture and Building Resilient Communities Convergence. Hopland, CA Sept 14-18 at the Solar Living Institute. PR by Planetshifter.com

Quick Event Scan -

2016 North American Permaculture and Building Resilient Communities Convergence
September 16-18, 2016
Solar Living Institute
Hopland, CA

Whether you are a seasoned permaculturalist, transition entrepreneur, festival goer, sustainability enthusiast, or just excited to enjoy a weekend of fantastic people, good music, food, campfires and opportunities to learn about new ways of living in thriving resilience with people and the planet- there is something at this Convergence for you!

My Vision for the Convergence:

* Prime a creative, spirit-based community with less emphasis on technology and more support of the Spiritual

* Record and share new stories, visions and music that raise our consciousness to global heights

* Weld the event as a social accelerator, illuminating and activating permaculture and transition values

* Enjoy workshops that support our total well-being, that integrate our values with diversity

* Champion the Community as the Hero instead of the individual

* Continue to build our New Global Mythology

* * * * * * *

Four Spirit-driven Workshops to Seek-out:

Presenter: Déva Presence

Workshop: Cultivating Self Love for Productivity and Connection

Self love is like Caring for your garden. If done well, it can be a blossoming contribution to the amount of roses and ripe fruits you see expressed in its beauty. Through poetry and passion Déva Presence will share his personal practice of self love cultivated over the last few decades traveling and learning from gurus around the world. Our love for ourselves and how we take care of our health and wellbeing is a direct reflection on the quality and depth of connection with our permaculture projects and relationships to others. Come tap into the heart, mind and soul in this workshop and set a new tone for your life endeavors.

Presenter: Tayla Ealom

Workshop: Dancing with The Trees Exploring an Authentic Relationship with The More Than Human World

Holding the worldview that the earth and all beings on it are alive and connected, this workshop combines the practice of Authentic Movement with Heart Field Perception to help us move with the rhythm of the trees. This process will hold not just other people but the tree and plant world as witness to our movement explorations to allow for the human animal and human mind be in full moving and being with 'other'. This process will include a nature walk, opening ceremony with altar building and intention setting, heart perception meditation with the plant that calls you most, authentic movement triad exploration, group sharing and closing ceremony. This is a lab for discovery!

This practice is paramount to tapping into the living web of life of which we are all an integral part. It strives to return the human organism to that web by way of direct experience with the hopes that those who experience it will find communion, companionship, and allyship with the more than human world. Permies have an "in" already and this practice brings in spirit, creativity, self-care, the body, and a larger sense of awe and integration that will only deepen our relationship to place. It's ancient wisdom in action.

Presenter:Angela Sevin

Workshop: Beyond The Culture of separation

From the Convergence Beyond the Culture of Separation uses an innovative approach and interactive learning modalities to expand white-identified participants' capacities to work toward a racially equitable society. Because shame and isolation are integral aspects of white socialization, our approach is grounded in encouragement and community building. We will explore levels of racism and introduce practical tools for shifting our personal and collective relationship to whiteness.

This workshop is for White-identified people *

*As white-identified people, we have a responsibility to educate ourselves about racism. In addition, coming together in a white-only space enables us to express feelings and share experiences without causing harm to people of color. Honest dialogues about race among white-identified people disrupts the white social norm that inhibits these conversations, while building our capacities to work effectively for racial equity.

Beyond the Culture of Separation is an 8-week class developed and led by me and my co-facilitators (4 cohorts of 15 plus participants over 2 years). we use an innovative approach and interactive learning modalities to expand white-identified participants' capacities to contribute collectively to the creation of a society with greater freedom and dignity for everyone.

Presenter: Willi Paul

Workshop: Spiritshield: An Integrated Permaculture Transition-Vision

Raising consciousness is hard work, like transforming the war shield (hate) into a peaceful place (love); we need resilience-centric tools, bottom-up community processes to achieve new rituals and traditions. We seek a spiritual permaculture.

The alchemic sequence: War Shield > SpiritShield > New Myth is an artistic, participatory process; a timeline, story board, psychic protector and archetypical projection in the future. As a two-way conduit between the conscious and sub-conscious, the process of creating a new shield is one strategy to design and test new myths, rituals and traditions.

Questions for participants:

1. How do you compare and contrast the two shields?

2. Which of the 12 Elements of Modern Mythology are pertinent to this New Myth?

3. Do any of these general story themes spark your interest for the SpiritShield Myth to come?

a. Spring - Sun - Summer - Fall - Winter
b. River - Land - Sun - Sky - Moon
c. Soil Renewal - Planting - FAMILY - Tending - Harvesting

4. What design elements on the SpiritShield speak to you?

5. If you built a real, full-size SpiritShield, how and where would you use it?

6. Does the SpiritShield illustrate any specific ethics and values?

7. Has is work changed your definition of spirit in any way?

8. What format would you like to use to create the SpiritShield New Myth (.png, .mov, word, etc.)


"SpiritShield: Mythology in Transition at the Permaculture Convergence"- Plus Assignment & Questions. New Myth #84 by Willi Paul

"River - Land - Sky - Moon - Sun" - The Permaculture SpiritShield Song. Edu-Video + Student Exercise and New Myth #85 by Willi Paul