"Prayer for the Anarchists" - by Willi Paul, Mythologist. Planetshifter.com
"Prayer for the Anarchists" - by Willi Paul, Mythologist, Planetshifter.com

Bakers, Bike messengers & 3rd Grade Teachers - I can see you

I hear the black bloc racing up
Drop your bats, grab a shovel
Make food not terror
Better to stir the compost

Come back to the garden
Fall Back Dark Side

Artists, Gardeners and Baristas, I am you

No - No - Black bloc chaos club
Corporate targets get temporary damages
Volcanic anarchy breaks my heart
You are not here to save me

Faceless pepper spray vandals
Fall Back Dark Side

Permaculturists, Ecologists and Nature Lovers, I know you

Hiding behind smoke and mask
Criminal street theater thugs
Do you dream with
Our blood on your hands?

Oh, puppet spray collective the nightmare enforcers
Join Us Light Side