"3 Tweets for the Bean Pole Dance" - Good News from Willi Paul Studio / Planetshifter.com, April 1, 2017
"3 Tweets for the Bean Pole Dance" - Good News from Willi Paul Studio/ Planetshifter.com, April 1, 2017

[ 1. ] "Up a Tree!" Willi Paul Studio / Planetshifter.com is now a Content Provider to Permaculture Magazine, North America and Mother Earth News

We are pleased to announce two new guest writer opportunities in support of the movement. Thank you to Cassie Langstraat and Hannah Apricot at Permaculture Magazine, North America and Kale Roberts at Mother Earth News.

Permaculture Magazine, North America
Inaugural Contribution: "The Pacific NW Fire Ceremony - Kindling New Stories"

- Excerpt from: "Interview with the Spirit - The Fire Ceremony sounds like a Native American tradition?"

Yes. Tom Brown Jr. was taught, with his friend, in the woods of NJ by an Apache Elder named Grandfather Stalking Wolf. Tom Brown Jr. has written books about his learning to be in nature, the lessons were not easy or kind, but they were enriching in ways we civilized folks can scarcely imagine. He also runs a nature school you can learn more of at Tom Brown Jr's Tracker School

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Mother Earth News

Inaugural Contribution: "Interview with NikiAnne Feinberg, Director of the School of Integrated Living"

- Excerpt - My work is devoted to increasing authentic connection in the world. Everyone comes into this world with a unique gift to offer. I strive to help people get in touch with their authentic selves, articulate life visions, and design lives founded on those visions. One of my greatest joys is looking into the eyes of someone who is on fire for life and has found a deep sense of rootedness in themselves, their community, and nature.

[ 2. ] Planetshifter.com - Celebrating a Knowledge Base for Teens and Parents Since 2009

- Excerpt - from a knowledge base search for "Resilient Human"- This List of Desired Characteristics produces:

1. Diversity in social and economic systems and inter-personal relationships

2. Thoughtful observation in Nature

3. Engaging the community in home-grown, citizen-led education and actions

4. Making and repairing useful things without the direct aid of experts or professionals

5. Partnering with the Earth as an integrated higher power; a protector; sacred and wild

6. Maintaining an obligation to act for the benefit of society at-large

7. Learning and practicing the ability to recover from misfortune or sudden change

[ 3. ] "Luminous Traveler" - Long Fiction by Willi Paul. eBook #34 - 2009 - 2017

- Excerpts from Geo's Vision Machine -

The Truth System was always on. Warm for the next search, the next door breaker. Jack booted he mainframe VAC computer and pushed the audio-visual gear from "stand by" to "ready." Still time to fetch some brown sugar for his tea. Then Jack was looking for an Australian Aboriginal myth and accessed the very first data base, now megabillion bits in size, from Dr. Vega's research in central well Australia. Many mythic stories, or Dreamings, were ties directly to the land and to the person responsible for its care. This responsibility was passed down to initiated men from generation to generation. Jack was looking for references to the music that each tribe played their ceremonies, and pictures of their instruments. Hendrix's "All Along the Watch Tower" floated somewhere in his brain-spirit cavity.

"We believe that Geo's Truth System can assist us in our search for archetypal sounds, or primordial beats, chants, and orchestrations that helped to create the multitude of myths we know in all cultures. The power of myth, as Campbell popularized back in the 1980's, is real. Like the archetypes identified by Jung and others, companion spirits in music must be rediscovered and activated for a dying human race. The Citadel Concert will be a global satellite concert on Public Television and will include segments from our research - all influenced by popular musicians from our sound library and friendships."

It was now 8:35 am. Breathe . . .

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