"Climate Archetypes and Our Emerging Urban - Nature Artifacts" - Plus Study Questions. By Willi Paul Studio / Planetshifter.com
"Climate Archetypes and Our Emerging Urban - Nature Artifacts" - Plus Study Questions. By Willi Paul Studio / Planetshifter.com

Prelude -

"Vitality - is when you see vigorous signs of life. A vital community is one which you only have to walk into to see that people are engaged and active in creating resilience: front lawns growing food, shared yards without fences, housing coops, locally-owned stores offering basic services and accepting local currency, people sharing cars/tools/large appliances, "Street Repair" as in Portland with many vibrant community gathering places, food growing in public places, free health clinics, farm animals at work in the community ...."

Source: "Not greed and oil." Interview with Transition Albany (CA) Leader Catherine Sutton (RIP) by Willi Paul

* * * * * * *

Introduction -

Humans and wildlife are now under increased stress, including extinction, as inhospitable weather, pollution loading, species die-off and fears concerning rising sea levels and temperatures increase. Our archetypes and Urban - Nature artifacts reflect these concerns. A parallel concern in this Chaos Era is to continue to create and share new life-enriching art and mythologies.

Artifacts are indicators of both healthy and dying civilizations.

Definition of Urban - Nature Artifacts (W. Paul, 2017) -

An Urban - Nature artifact mimics (or mirrors) a natural space in an urban setting, like a pond (i.e. - swimming pool) or a farm field edge (i.e. - neighborhood street planter strip), that is designed, built and maintained by humans and supported by local utilities. A Urban - Nature artifact can also be understood as a "eco-metaphor" (i.e. - barn owl) for a specific nature - human interaction (i.e. - small vegetable garden). Urban - Nature artifacts are man-made and often unsustainable and/or cosmetic.

There are no natural or "Nature" artifacts.

* * * * * * *

Six Examples of Urban - Nature Artifacts (see illustration) -

1. Backyard Swimming Pool

2. Barn Owl Hoot

3. Small Vegetable Garden

4. Mowing the Lawn

5. Planter Strip

6. Bird Feeder

Archetypes -

"According to Jungian approach of psychology, some highly developed elements of the collective unconscious are called 'archetypes'. Carl Jung developed an understanding of archetypes as universal, archaic patterns and images that derive from the collective unconscious and are the psychic counterpart of instinct. They are autonomous and hidden forms which are transformed once they enter consciousness and are given particular expression by individuals and their cultures. Being unconscious, the existence of archetypes can only be deduced indirectly by examining behavior, images, art, myths, religions, or dreams. They are inherited potentials which are actualized when they enter consciousness as images or manifest in behavior on interaction with the outside world."

Climate Archetypes -

Climate Archetype: Sadness as historically valued landscaping elements are abandoned and lands deteriorates
Urban - Nature Artifact: Backyard Swimming Pool, Mowing the Lawn

Climate Archetype: Fear of un-hospitable weather and the end of local resources (i.e. - self-sufficiency)
Urban - Nature Artifact: Planter Strip

Climate Archetype: Anxiety as corporations control more and more land with an increase in toxic air, water and soil
Urban - Nature Artifact: Small Vegetable Garden

Climate Archetype: Global hopelessness for Nature's dwindling diversity as species die-off daily
Urban - Nature Artifact: Barn Owl Hoot, Bird Feeder

* * * * * * *

Study Questions -

+ Can Urban - Nature artifacts (i.e. - metaphors or symbols) connect our memories to our fears?

+ Can Urban - Nature artifacts help create to design solutions?

+ Name some additional artifacts that you can see and touch in your neighborhood? When were they built? Who maintains them? Are they "alive?"

+ Why are you mowing your lawn?

+ Do you think corporate executives consider archetypes and artifacts in their profit schemes?

+ Can you connect any Urban - Nature artifacts to the human extinction crisis now underway on Earth?

+ As new artifacts emerge from our artists and into our daily experience - from the subconsciousness into consciousness living - can they change your routines and create new songs and stories?

+ Do you know any myths that incorporate Urban - Nature artifacts and archetypes?

* * * * * * *

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